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Fanatec: The Most Poorly Run Business EVER.

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Evan Madore, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. From the title, I am sure you can figure out I am having problems with Fanatec. That is an understatement.

    On Nov. 5th I ordered my GT3RS V2 and CSP's. They got to me on the 10th. I hooked everything up and the wheel was completely broken. It could not be used at all. Upon further inspection, the steering shaft was broken. After complete hell trying to get in contact with support, Fanatec agreed to ship out a new one.

    The replacement arrived on Dec. 1st. Because of a few family issues, I did not have a chance to un-box it and set it up until the 4th. As soon as I did so, I noticed many issues. For starters, a loud high pitch whine when turning against the FFB. This is intolerably loud. Then, when the fans kick on, they also make a very loud whine, plus it sounds like they are hitting up against something. Then to top it all off, when driving in any game, the wheel falls off center anywhere from 10 to 45 degrees. It seems to get worse the more I drive.

    Because of this, I contacted Fanatec. I contacted through the proper support, Armin's direct email, and Thomas directly via email. I emailed and emailed and contacted, even attempted to call during their 2 hours of phone time. No response. I spoke to Brian Clancy to see if he could get in contact with them numerous times, still no response. Then, just a few days ago, Remi (Remco) on NoGrip saw my complaints and contacted them for me.

    Armin emailed me JANUARY 18TH finally saying this:
    I replied with:
    Now, today, I receive another response from Armin...
    At this point, I am baffled by the complete disregard for proper business practice. I have been attempting to make contact for over a month about a broken REPLACEMENT wheel, and Armin says it has been too long to complete a refund. This is only because HE WOULD NOT RESPOND.

    I do not know where to go from here. I have two broken wheels. One completely unusable and the other just barely. I will not pay to ship broken wheels to them to be looked at. I payed for working products.

    If I do not get a refund after this huge mess, I intend to stir up all hell. If this does not get sorted, I cannot race in the leagues I am signed up for here.
  2. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner

    If you paid via paypal you can claim ur monies back right after explaining all the above? Sorry to hear about your case. I just hope when I order CSP in the future I won't have these kinda problems.
  3. I can't because PayPal only protects you for a month. Since my original payment was Nov. 5th, a month was over when I got the replacement.
  4. I also had a defective GT3RS V2 wheel, primarily with the loss of centering problem that you have on your 2nd wheel. Instead of pursuing the refund, you might get some results if you insist on another replacement. It seems like Fanatec prefers to send out replacement wheels instead of having people send them back for warranty work or to provide a refund. It also seems common that Fanatec doesn't ask for people to send back defective wheels at all...they'd rather just send another one (that hopefully works).
  5. I would do that David, but I had to wait 3 weeks to get my first replacement. I do not have that kind of time anymore. I have already been since Nov. 5th without a properly functioning wheel...

    At this point I am doing further research on how to do a chargeback. It gets a bit confusing when you pay through PayPal though.
  6. sorry to hear about your run around. I was thinking about ordering one, but now I'll be forgetting that .maybe if enough people do change there minds because that there customer service sucks, things will change. just another case of chinese crap flooding our markets. good luck, hope you get it resolved.
  7. Hello Evan

    I think you left out a few things here.

    You first contacted us in September if we are interested to sponsor you. I replied the same week and after several e-mails entered into a sponsorship deal with your team.

    On Nov 13 you contacted me about your broken wheel and I immediately took care and made sure that you received a new one. You confirmed already on Nov 19th that the new wheel was on the way.

    Just one day later you already complained that the UPS will take until end of Nov to deliver that wheel. I hope you understand that this was out of our control.

    After that you did not tell me anything about having issues with your second wheel.

    You are now posting these threads all over the internet to cause maximum damage to us. Is this how you want to “promote” our company?

    I am sorry that you have technical issues and of course you can expect a perfect product even at the reduced price you paid. I am also aware that some of our products had technical issues and I am also certainly not denying that our support is sometimes not fast enough. But we never let down a customer and certainly not a team driver.

    Instead of posting stories like this it would have been nice if you would have contacted me directly. You have my e-mail and I always responded quickly and helped you. You were very communicative when we discussed the sponsorship deal.

    So if you would kindly accept my offer to refund your purchase or let us repair your wheel it would be highly appreciated.

    Best regards


    PS: I will certainly think twice before I will enter another sponsorship deal with a simracer.
  8. Ultimately, Evan, if the issues you are having are not being resolved to your satisfaction, you need to contact a lawyer r.e. a statutory warranty. Ultimately, if you pay so many dollars for something, it is expected through normal use to last a reasonable amount of time. If you had paid stuff all, you mightn't have a case, but ultimately paying 150+ dollars or whatever for an item would give you reasonable belief that the wheel would last a month.

    That's the law in Australia. I don't know how it works in the US, but from memory it's pretty similar.

    It's also unfortunate that it's reached this point. However, as a customer you need to exercise what is your right-as connected as you may be to a company.
  9. I finally established contact with Thomas (convenient timing...), I am working this out with him now privately. Thanks for everyones input.
  10. I was lucky to file with paypal inside the 30 days, got my money back within an hour. I was fed up with having paid for something and not receiving it. I splurged big time for an ECCI 6000GTS, that I got in 7 days, ahhhhh sooooooooo nice. Don't miss the ffb at all, all this rattling and clunking is not real in my mind anyways and you spend more time fiddling with it than practising;) Looking at the ECCI, this thing is built like a tank, it's the last wheel I will buy.
  11. Danny Asbury

    Danny Asbury
    Premium Member

    You know, after all this talk about how Fanatec have "changed" and have a better product now, I see this thread and see they are up to their usual crap. Bought a wheel from them about a year ago and ran into the same mess. After I made a fuss over it they finally refunded me my money. Don't mean to be a logitech fanboy, but I haven't had a problem with their G27 since I got it. NOT ONE PROBLEM. Those people are pros.
  12. I have had a few probm with FANATEC service. The most current one is that I ordered two (2) sets of CS Table Clamps in early Nov and they where in stock. I was told they were shipped in mid Nov. When in Dec I still have not gotten them, I chased the order down and found that USPS never received order for ship, they were just e notified only to expect it. I got in touch with FANATEC and they said they will resend and that their warehouse screwed up (not the first time this has happen with my FANATEC orders). In Early Jan I got one package from FANATEC. Only one clamp was shipped. I been in contact with their US shipper and they insist that the order was sent. I have the packing slip and it says one (1) clamp. Not only that they put a custom declaration of ~$129 value and I had to pay duty on that amount for one clamp. That was more then the two clamps cost when I ordered in Nov. Still trying to get the second clamp or a refund for it plus 1/2 the custom if they can not solve the probm. The worst exp so far with FANATEC. Even most e-bay sellers provide better support. The only decent support you get is from Armin H from FANATEC, their online support procedure is crap!!!!!. It has been over a week since my last e-mail to them on this and they still have not respond to it. I sent a direct e-mail to Claudia O and Armin H last Fri and I will see what they will respond with this week, and If they do not then I will have to see about going thru my credit card company and filing a fraud claim vs FANATEC since it is well past the 30days with Paypal. This was the last straw I will never deal with FANATEC again, even tho I think their CSP are great. What a PITA company to deal with.
  13. After a few more unanswered e-mails to FANATEC, I gave a last try and sent an e-mail to Kate B (CC to Claudia O and Armin H) the US shipper before I escalate it to a fraud claim with my credit card company since it's pass the 30 days for resolution with Paypal. I gave Kate my contact number and we had a talk on the phone on resolving this. Kate is resending the clamp via USPS today Jan 24 2011. I still have not change my opinion on FANATEC. A customer shldn't have to go thru this just to get what they purchased. We will see...as the world turns.... :lol: .
  14. Thanks for this. I'm starting to take my F12010 a little more seriously, and since the M$ wheel is so hard to find, I was going to buy the Fanatec wheel for the 360. Not anymore, not going to drop that kind of money and pray it works. Back to eBay I suppose.
  15. Alex Ball

    Alex Ball
    Web Nerd

    A Logitech Drive FX is a good and cheap alternative to the MS wheel.
  16. G27
  17. Alex Ball

    Alex Ball
    Web Nerd

    G27 doesn't work on the xbox, George.
  18. your right...i is a moron...
    Thanks Alex
  19. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    lol, not a moron, just mis-informed :)
  20. Ha, thanks Kris : )