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Fanatec support for Project Cars (PS4, XOne)

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Robin, Mar 24, 2015.

  1. Robin


    A bit of a grey area as far as on-topicness of the thread in this forum, but at least its support related. ;)

    Fanatec has shot the bullit;

    pCARS is going to get native Fanatec support on all systems (PC (of course), XOne and PS4)!
    The announcement caused some angry responses too, because aparently their Turbo S, GT3RS v2 and GT2 wheels will also be supported (yes, on all systems)!

    As PS4 doesn't have wheel support built into its OS, like the XOne does, developers need to embed drivers into their game, so don't expect your Fanatec gear to work on PS4 for every game. This will be a pCARS specific thing for now, but other developers have access to Fanatec's driver suite according to Fanatec.

    The delay was caused by the process of creating these specific drivers.
    More details in the link above.

    An additional thing; I always thought the CSW v2 was going to need a specific wheel rim compatible with a console, instead of just the base being compatible. However as far as I can tell from this announcement it seems like you can use any rim.
    I have asked Fanatec. Will report when I have news.
  2. Robin


    I am sorry, I missed the news entry on the website (I usually just jump straight to the forum). Apologies for a second thread. :S
  3. I'm getting Project CARS on PC, however I do hope Driveclub will be patched to support the Fanatec CSW v2 wheel.
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