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Fanatec or Logitech?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Youssef Karam, Mar 12, 2015.

  1. So, I have a Logitech G27 wheel and was thinking about building my own Fanatec wheel as it looks awesome. I'm a casual simracer, whenever there's new content for a simulator I try it and whenever I have free time I sit in front on the wheel and go around the track. I've heard a lot about Fanatec, but should I just stick to my Logitech wheel or go for the Fanatec?

    EDIT: I know the answer is Fanatec :p but what components should I choose to get the best driving experience (between the wheels, pedals, handbrake, etc.)
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  2. Fanatec it's a no brainer
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  3. The best set is probably the CSW V2 with Porsche 918 + V2 Pedal + Shifter + Handbrake

    Unless you custom made the plate, then you need to go with universal adapter

    For the V2 you need an invitation code, I gave mine a long time ago, others might have it available

    Don't know about your budget, but it should be close in the $1500 range
  4. Actually, I was planning on getting the CS Steering Wheel Universal Hub or Formula Carbon with the CSR Elite Inverted Pedals and a shifter + handbrake. I don't know about my choice but by the looks I chose them, so I would be more than grateful if you'd give me some feedback (Let's say I have an unlimited budget but I won't be paying for a $10k set up). Couldn't find an H-shifter though.
  5. You have to ask yourself, do you want better FFB or better reliability?
  6. if you're budget is unlimited, the hot wheel right now is accuforce bar none, it has FFB (in game) + it's own FFB (Force Feedback Foundation), it can be a transducer. The waiting for the AccuForce is insane, it's about $1700US

    The best pedal for me is HE or HHP (I don't like DSD), this should be close to $1000

    I have SSQ shifter it serve both as sequential and H-shifter

    The best sequential is DSD and the best handbrake is from HE

    This is High end stuff, so you're talking in the $4000 range

    but at the end of the days opinion differs and the wallet win
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  7. woz9us


    What's your budget? Without knowing that, it's tough to recommend an upgrade from your G27.
  8. I'll be ready to pay $2k.
  9. at $2K there is no DD wheel nor ECCI and neither Frex

    that left with CSW V2 and a High End Pedal either Main (which can be combined with CSW V2 for Console) / HE / HPP
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  10. SOLO59


    @Blkout is right on point with his question. He makes a very good valid point. I have some more questions, and lets not forget Thrustmaster series wheels. For the record, I am a G27 user, single 32 inch tv, next level wheel stand, and PC only user. I love the way it works and how it handles.:) Fanatec or Logitech? With your budget, you could go with complete set of Fanatec csw v2, and have some more for one or two of their nice selection of their racing wheels like that amazingly looking F1 wheel

    Do you want to surround yourself in a cockpit with all the gadgets (such as digital wheel plate dashboards, temps gauges, etc...) custom wheels (real racing wheel), pedals (modded pedal set or high end pedal sets), shifter (custom shifter nobs)?
    Are you comfortable with a single monitor/tv? Or would you go for triple screens, projector or the new DK2 Oculus Rift?
    Are you comfortable racing in a average office chair/couch/folding chair/etc...? Or would you prefer a racing/gaming office chair or a race car seat/actual average vehicle seat?
    Is your desk or table comfortable and stable enough for your wheel? Or would need something more suitable for you wheel such as; wheel stand pro, Fanatec wheel stand or cockpit, next level wheel stand or cockpit, playseat, and other big names... or you could build one yourself, with either a half-made cockpit - a base for your racing seat mounted to your wheel stand (if possible. I did. Very easy to do with my next level wheel stand using a wood base) or build your own full cockpit.
    Are you interested in using a buttkicker, simvibe, next level racing motion platform (low budget), full racing motion simulator (high budget)...?

    Good selection of wheels for every budget; Driving Force GT (very good just-starting-out wheel and good long term reliability); logitech G27 (the best in terms of reliability. Very good responsive FFB especially when setup correctly in the logitech profile and in game settings); Fanatec (some of the best FFB! As per customer reviews, low to medium reliability. There seems to be more unlucky customers than there are lucky ones); Thrustmaster (the same info I wrote for Fanatec can be said about Thrustmaster); High end wheels that cost as much as a used car but provides THE best FFB on the market.

    No need to go over budget, feel bad or left out because someone speaks poorly about your type of wheel. These wheels generally provide you almost the same thing, which is accurate (some more than others) FFB and reliable information coming from the game, through the wheel, to the sim driver. However, each wheel has its own unique features. Some are really strong in performance and others really does get the job done in a good way. Just purchase all the sim racing stuff on your wish list that you can afford and appreciate. :thumbsup:
  11. I have owned a Logitech G27, Thrustmaster T500, TX, T300, and Fanatec CSW v2. While I prefer the FFB of the Fanatec and Thrustmaster wheels, there's no denying how reliable the G27 has been for people. Its reputation is near perfect. I've had very good luck with my Thrustmaster wheels, none of them have broken however I have read more reports of issues with them than the G27. Currently I'm using a Fanatec CSW v2 which I think has the best FFB of any wheel that's not a direct drive, however my CSW v2 broke after 11 days and had to be sent to Fanatec for repair. Since getting it back though, its been working great other than the rear fan starting making some loud noise after about 2 months which sounded like dry bearings so I opened the back side of the wheel base and added a drop or two of dry film lubricant to the fan and its whisper quiet again. Fanatec has a reputation that "it works great, when it works".