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Fanatec Elite - broken load cell?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by JoelGL, Jul 5, 2015.

  1. JoelGL


    My month-old Elite brake pedal is suddenly acting up. Using Fanatec 219 beta to diagnose. Earlier, the brake would suddenly jump to full even not fully pressed, and when releasing the pedals, it doesn't register as fully released (like its still slightly pressed). I had to pump it to have it return back. After a reboot, the issue somewhat changed. It now soft of functions reversed (i.e. full brakes registered when not pressed, and 0 registered when pressed). Seems to be more consistent now. Tried removing/reattaching USB couple of times, and rebooting, problem persists. :(

    Could this be the load cell and/or something worse? Make matters worse, is shipping it back to the US from Asia is quite a remote option. Any idea what's causing it, and how to correct it?
  2. Moxley6969


    Your under warranty, Simple solution would be a faulty load cell which Fanatec will likely send you one to try.