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Fanatec (CSW V2) RevLeds and Display don't work

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Le_Poilu, Mar 9, 2016.

  1. Hi,

    Since the release of AMS beta and AMS, I can't get the revleds and LCD display of my Fanatec CSW V2 working.
    I'm pretty sur It worked with last SCe version (I admit I didn't play much SCe before AMS).

    When I launch the game the LDC display show REI, so it seems that the game detect it and is able to display something on it. But once i'm driving, either it stay REI or it goes dark.
    Revleds don't work at all.
    I looked in the *.ini fils, and found the "hardware display" settings, witch is alreay ON.

    Those who have a Fanatec Wheel is the display working ?

  2. Johand

    Premium Member

    same here , REI or nothing
  3. Fanatec displays stopped working after SCE v1.52.
    It's a fanaleds problem.
    It has been requested to implement a plugin for Ams on thr fanaleds forum already... Hopefully we'll get something soon:)
  4. ok thanks...
    Now I'll wait until plugin is updated
    At least I know it's not only on my side :)
  5. Matt

    Premium Member

    I refuse to use fanaleds, native support please. rF2 has native support and would have to be your #1 rival, just saying.

    edit: and yeah that REI staying up is extremely annoying, to get rid of it, exit race back to menu then it's gone.
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  6. elpolan

    Premium Member

    Hi, I have the same problem. I asked to Renato about the problem and this was his answer

    "Hello there,

    We´re looking for FanaLEDs to sort this out now as it requires some tweaks to their plugin. Hopefully they´ll get to it soon.

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  7. Your loss. ;)
    Would be great if they could actually tell what those tweaks are.
  8. Native support would be great. OP should add to wishlist.
  9. Reiza made some changes to the structure of the data export for plugins. They thought it was totally backward-compatible since they were just testing with one telemetry plugin, but it turns out that these changes have broken a number of plugins. I've been discussing this with them on the official Reiza forums and I think they're finally starting to see the light. Unfortunately it seems that their answer will be to wait for people to complain about a plugin being broken, then they will contact the developer with the updated data structure and ask them to recompile the plugin... instead of just fixing the data export so that it actually is properly backward-compatible. The problem with this approach is that it negates the whole point of sticking with gMotor 2: the existing ecosystem. No one wants to go back and figure out how to recompile a plugin from 9 years ago (and in many cases, it just won't be possible).

    I'm hoping they figure it out and make the data export interface properly backward-compatible so that we can have all of our plugins working again, but I also know that they're in the middle of this legal battle on the copyright/trademark claim and busy trying to get new content out the door as well. For the record, I would rather the content be delayed and the plugin export get fixed, but I'm guessing I'm the minority in that discussion.
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  10. Hello Fanatec users, go to eksimracing.com and download the SLIMax Manager it's free for Fanatec Wheel users, work in all sims and it's better than Fanaleds.
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  11. alehop69

    Premium Member

    Thank you so much man...!!!! Never tought I could just use it....
    Much appreciated..:!!!!