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Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Emilio, Oct 16, 2014.

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  2. William Wester

    William Wester

    Sector3 does know racing sounds, love it! We will ever see a sim that does everything better than the competition, most likely not. With that said, maybe I don't want to find that sim as I won't be able to truly enjoy a smorgasbord of unique racing sims. Once you get use to certain elements reproduced to a high level, it can detract for another experience.
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  3. I agree on everything you said! Hopefully they'll always be with pros and cons so we can intermittently switch to one and another when we want some "fresh air". Up to now tho, R3E superior sound hits hard on my preferences and even though I admit AC FFB is top notch, I keep coming back to R3E... Could it be just for the pleasure of hearing that sound that's not a hairdryer? Or maybe because the racing sensation is better (IMO)? I don't know... the only thing I know it's that I'm waiting patiently for the Logitech wheel's hotfix... after that they'll have to saw my arms to make me stop playing R3E!
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  4. Msportdan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    what exactly is the problem with logietch wheels? I have e DFGT and its fine afaik?!
  5. Peter

    who cares Premium

    For some the Logitech profiler and the latest wheel update don't go hand in hand. Loosing ffb and stuff like that.
    A fix is very close now.
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  6. R3E sure sounds more correct, particularly the whine from the gearbox is missing in many sims, but for some reason I still find it a bit lacking, it's correct but it sounds very flat and a bit dull, like as if it's compressed too much, while some other sims assault my ears and tries to rip them off, R3E remains correct but civilized. It needs more grunt, more oomph.
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  7. I think the sounds is awesomely perfect in R3E, and not just the engines!
    The whistling sound when driving past a big pole for example, or when you drive on a cerb. You don't get that in AC.
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  8. In AC you don't even get ANY difference in sound fx when switching from cockpit/hood/bumper... pfft!
    When in external view (static cam) it's just AMAZING when you see and hear cars approaching your point of view. It gives goosebumps
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  9. Personally I find it really annoying that R3E sounds so much better in tail cam than onboard, I rarely ever watch replays so I don't care about external sound as much as cockpit sound.
  10. I understand your point...to some extent... the sound fx in the ext view is more strong cause there's only air around and it's not "kept out" by the car chassis... in the cockpit you're isolated from the outside, of course you're not completely in a soundproofed environment, but some absorption happens nonetheless... am I wrong?
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  11. Close to nothing absorbed by the car, there is no sound dampening in a race car, but the helmet muffles and dampens it a bit I guess. I havent driven a car with a helmet on, so I dunno, but since I'm lacking a lot of the other sensations when driving in an office chair at home I want the sound to over compensate and really SCREAM my ears off when Im driving.
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  12. Put on headphones, and crank up that volume!! ;)
  13. Already doing that.
  14. The only possible thing for you then is to use some powered speakers with an output socket and plugging your headphones there!
    Even better: if it's a stereo with an EQ you can set it up the way you want!! :thumbsup:

    EDIT: googled a better gadget for ya! :D
  15. William Wester

    William Wester

    Bit lacking...hmm, I find the opposite. To me, R3E sounds are more dynamic, more sounds from things other than the engine. No other sim, to me, replicates the sound experiences from being at a real track with real cars. My wife, elsewhere in the house, sure doesn't think it needs more grunt or oomph :)
    But, we can agree to disagree... we all see and hear differently.
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  16. I'm no sound engineer but the acoustics are going to be different in the cockpit compared to outside.
    IMO RRE's car sounds are the most realistic to me compared to other games. They don't sound like they were made by some computer sound software like some other games. They don't sound artificial.
    I went to the last Tudor/WEC race at COTA and the Tudor Porsche 911 RSR's were screaming loud, but the WEC Porsche's were relatively mild. Same thing with the Ferrari 458's except that the Tudor ones were mild and the WEC ones were louder. So if a developer was to model from one series or the other, you could get a very different sounding car (at least from trackside and from my experience)
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  17. I completely agree, the sound is very detailed and sounds the most realistic, it just lacks something, it's not as aggressive for some reason, it's very hard to explain but the only way I can think of is how I described it above, it's detailed and corret but not aggresive and trying to rip me a new one.