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Fallout 3

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Ryan Callan, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. I must say I'm really enjoying this game. Another great RPG from Bethesda - this is much improved over Oblivion though - there seems more purpose and the combat has been tightened up :)

    Very impressed with graphics aswell - even though I can only run it in 1024x768 my old rig (7800GT, 1.5GB RAM, Athlon 64) still makes it look stunning. Draw distances of objects you can hike up but that's it, it's already brilliant.

    The slo-mo VAC mode during combat is sick aswell - often you will rip creature's skulls from their spines, nice and gruesome. Oh, and you can get addicted to drugs lol.

    The game's set in the future some time after a nuclear holocaust and you get to do this quite early on in the game (if you have no morals that is):

    ****Warning spoiler alert**** Do not view the video if you do not wish to have your game spoiled.


    I'm very impressed with the game :D

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  2. Paulo Ribeiro

    Paulo Ribeiro
    Animals and Racing Lover

    High quality indeed,:good: is this a First Person Shooter game Ryan?
  3. No it's an RPG Paulo. You can have first person or thid person views. Guns are included but all kinds of weapons too. Swords, knuckledusters, batons etc etc.
  4. I have completed it. Very good game.

    Where is the AA in that picture? lol:laugh2:
  5. LOL - I hadn't realised there was a config for it looool. Just discovered it after I had posted :)
  6. Sounds like a good game and will run great on my 8800GTS, is it very long though? the whole game?
  7. With all the other missions and side quests you can do, the game is massive :)
  8. it's so fascinating......
  9. I followed the main quest and even though it gave me a good 20+ hours of gameplay it still only touched about 1/4 of the map, so lots of extra to find. Theres alot of bang (..zap, crunch, squelch and splat) for your buck in this one.

    Only thing i will say is that its a bit shakey if you push the settings, go with what the default detection gives you and you'll be just fine from my experience
  10. Simon Bacon

    Simon Bacon

    Gotta say I have become seriously addicted to this, loosing whole mornings/afternoons/evenings. Funny, 'cause I never got on with Oblivion. I found more enjoyment in the side missions and exploring so in terms of the main game I've only just crossed the river. One of the best games ever for me.:good:

    Simon :)
  11. Fallout 3
    As anticipated as this game was I was curious to see if it stood up to the challenge of being one of the best games of 2008. The tutorial concept was as stunning as it was revolutionary. The game is massively immersive, the graphics are spectacular and the voice sync and character animations are perfect.
    The whole game revolves around the characteristics and skills of your character and also a new factor ‘karma’. This karma affects your game play in many ways; it can increase or decrease your luck, speech skills and weapon degradation. The karma is lost and gained depending on what actions you take to resolve issues you have to deal with throughout the game. For example you can extract information out of people peacefully or you can put the inside of their head of the wall behind them and then hack or steal the information you so require. The AI are realistic and remember you, and quirky one liners and responses to your actions add to the already engrossing environment. These are only a few of many overall factors that makes the game so amazingly immersive, this game is so immersive in fact that I found myself leaving the house and wondering why there was no actual apocalyptic waste outside my front door. Not only does it make the game as stated but also so vast that hundreds of hours will have to be played in order to explore, find and achieve all that Fallout 3 has to offer. Graphics wise, the colours are fairly dull, but this is compensated by a variety of superb lighting effects smooth edges and vividly detailed apparel and weaponry. The fighting system in particular the V.A.T.S collates the aspects of luck and karma allowing for every fight to be different.
    Now as much as I would like to go on about the substantial successes that the game has achieved, I must also look at its failures. However, as negative as you think I am, I have decided not to discredit the game by stating its weaknesses, but as you will find out, the feeble nature of its weaknesses only serve to illustrate how good this game actually is. As in Oblivion, the movement from side to side is a moonwalk, sometimes people walk into each other, and finally, as painful as it is for me to credit such a useless piece of software the fire effects are not as good as those on Farcry 2.
    Overall this game, as I’m sure the majority will agree, is in fact one of the best games to come out this year. The gore is sadistically satisfactory, every hour of game play is as interesting and fun as the one before and the different choices that we the gamers have to deal with make Fallout 3 a unique experience for every one of us.
  12. Yeh, but which game has? Lol :)

    I totally agree with the rest of your post - the game is also damn hard on the higher difficulty settings. Going through ammo like crazy. I had to fight the 'Fire Ant Guardians' with a sword and not much health! Died about 10 times before I got lucky and got past them all. I didn't like the fire ant adventure lol. Creepy AND hard!
  13. Yeah it has to bve said the FarCry 2 fire graphics were bloody brilliant!!
    I tried playing it on Normal while Oliver Amos was playing it on easy and the differences even then were astonsishing for example i recived half of what Olly got for most missions and ammo and stimpacks are either impossible to find or in very short supply!:laugh2:
  14. Yeh I'm playing it on Hard - and it really is hard! Take advantage of every bed you find to sleep in!
  15. Will do that next time i play it through!
  16. Try not to run out of ammo in the middle of the Fire Ants/Grayditch mission loooool

    GREAT Review:go-away: , i just finish installed the game now ..let see ..SHOW TIME NOW ..thanks :clap:
    My team Mate just told me That's Osome...Apolitical world environment koll mix of mad max into rpg koll.

    Ryan Callan