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Falkenberg and 2017 WTCC liveries is now available alongside patch

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Filip Carlén, Jun 1, 2017.

  1. Filip Carlén

    Filip Carlén


    Link to Falkenberg: http://game.raceroom.com/store/tracks/all/falkenberg-motorbana

    Link to WTCC 2017: http://game.raceroom.com/store/pack/wtcc-2017

    Full changelog (minus WTCC cars and Falkeberg):

    Known Issues:
    - Hockenheimring: Some of the curbs are not rendered when using high track level of detail.
    - The new Flag Rule Settings are not available for MP.

    We will release a hotfix patch tomorrow to fix these issues along with few more.

    - Changed the flag rule setting and added a new flag rule setting “Visual Only” which means all flags get triggered and shown but there are no penalties applied with exception of black flag. (SP only for now)
    - Added Display mode with settings windowed, borderless windowed and full-screen.
    - Fixed issue in data displays where standings page kept ghost entries when you were in the lead.
    - Introduced delta timing in data displays.
    - Fixed some occurrences of yellow flags for DNF cars.
    - Disabled displaying of yellow, blue, black & white and white flags while player is in pitlane.
    - Removed so slower class in multiclass race doesn't trigger white flag.
    - Disabled slip effects while changing tires during a pitstop.
    - Changed so content ownership isn’t required to load a replay file.
    - Fixed a crash that could occur when processing a camera reset callback after returning to menu.
    - Updated Fanatec SDK to 3.0. This should also fix the issue some players experience with their CSW 2.5.
    - Fixed issue with replays not using asynchronous rendering.
    - Fixed issue with an uninitialized variable when using Fanatec wheel.
    - Fixed an issue where H-Pattern mode would reset to Neutral when race start sequence starts.Thanks to Franconen and team-gtr3.fr for the report.
    - Fixed issue with Multiplayer advertisement banners not getting saved in replays.
    - Fixed an issue that could occur in game session if the player has a lag spike of over 10 seconds during certain sequences.
    - Game now invalidates both current and next laps in qualifying sessions, leaderboards and competitions if the player goes off track or wall rides in the last corners of a track.
    - Made brake disks pre-heated when starting a Time Attack session

    - Bloom and Light Shaft effects are now disabled in VR.
    - Made the HUD size dependent on the distance to it.
    - Made it possible to adjust the distance to the HUD via two bindable keys.
    - Fixed the rendering of particles and contact shadows.
    - Made the game use the SteamVR settings panel's/config file's resolution setting to set the resolution for the eyes instead of a number argument following "-vr" or "-oldvr". Any such number in the argument is now ignored.

    - Fixed so player nodes are marked as inactive and kept by the server if a player disconnects during a race session. This fixes the issue with broken results because of players leaving the server too early after a race. Also fixes results for spectators joining late.
    - Fixed so checkered phase ends directly when all vehicles have finished.
    - Fixed an issue with spectators not being able to join full servers.

    Sounds, Cameras, Physics & AI:
    - Bathurst: AI Tweaks
    - Hockenheim GP : Tightened Cut detections
    - Moscow Raceway FIM : Tightened Cut detections
    - Nurburgring (all layouts) : Tightened Cut detections
    - Shanghai (all layouts) : Tightened Cut detections, AI tweaks
    - Suzuka (all layouts) : Tightened Cut detections, AI tweaks to prevent going wide in 130R
    - Zandvoort : AI tweaks

    - BMW M3 E30 : new sounds
    - BMW M1 Procar: Tweaked chase camera, improved results of car to car collisions

    - Data displays now added to all cars. Some cars don’t have a display in the cockpit, but will show the display on the HUD when pressing ‘7’ to cycle through HUD display modes.
    - Hungaroring : Fixed some overly bright runoffs, swapped 2D audience to latest ones
    - Paul Ricard : Fixed some curbs and adjusted banking of some corners based on drivers feedback.
    - Suzuka : Smoothed a nasty bump just before 130R.

    Portal & Backend:
    - Fixed issue with time interval not clearing up in MP browser.
    - Implemented MP results and MP Standings for championship events in Competitions.