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Failed to start game...missing executable

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by TribeBuckeyeFan, Jul 12, 2015.

  1. anyone else having this problem? I haven't updated anything on my pc and the game ran fine the first few days after i bought it. This started about 3-4 days ago and I haven't been able to play since. I deleted the appcache folder as steam instructed, rebooted, nothing....still can't get into the game. So far, this game has been a thorough waste of $30 bucks. :( Controller won't set up correctly and now this. Should have spent the extra 20 bucks and bought either asetto corsa or project cars.
  2. First: this is a bloody annoying way to ask for help. Go spend your extra bucks on those games then, for <Mod Edit: No need to swear like that.>
    Second: You can right-click a Steam game and go to the properties. Look for Verify Integrity of Game Cache under Local Files. It should scan your install and make sure everything is there, and if not it will get what it needs from Steam.
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  3. <Mod Edit: No need to swear like that.>
    Second: Thank you, that was all I needed to say.
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  4. Did I swear in that response? I don't believe I did. And why does my entire comment get deleted, but only half of Will's?

    First: It's bloody annoying to spend money on a game and not have it work properly.
  5. LOL that moment when using the "God's sa**" (better censor it! who knows!) is swearing :O_o: :rolleyes:

    Back on topic dude... if there is a missing file and you got it from Steam then it's not a game problem you know. ;)
  6. Fabio Rodrigues

    Fabio Rodrigues
    Reiza Studios Community Manager

    Hey there. There might be a chance that your antivirus program is incorrectly flagging the game .exe as malicious software and thus deleting or quarantining it.

    If you think that's the case, please try disabling your antivirus and then right-click the Steam shortcut, select "Properties", then the "Local Files" tab, and then "Verify Integrity of Game Cache". This should redownload any missing files.

    Let me know if this helps! If it does, then you'll need to add an exception to your antivirus for "gsc.exe" so you can re-enable it. Then the issue shouldn't happen again.