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Skins F40 S3 - Ecurie Francorchamps 1.0

F40 Ecurie Francorchamps Tribute

  1. Pierre Chalochet submitted a new resource:

    F40 S3 - Ecurie Francorchamps - F40 Ecurie Francorchamps Tribute

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  2. I think I had a déjà vu watching your skins... :D Are you maybe LaChaussette from NoGripRacing?
  3. Yes I am :ninja:

    Since the Porsche pack 1 is released and my interest for the oldest of them, I decided to continue skinning after a break. Today I patiently upload all my AC skins in the order of publication ;)

    Edit: all skins are downloaded now.
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2016
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  4. Cool to hear that. :) I have several of your skins and they look so great. By the way have you also put the .ini file - that comes with every vanilla skin - in these re-uploads? That file is for the new suits, but it's just for asking, because I think old skin's suits work anyway as well.
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  5. You're right, now driver's suits are managed separatly from the car's skin :confused:

    I usually don't make driver's suits and I have issue of visibility for personnals driver's suits, I think to let as it is for the moment :redface:
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