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Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by w1n1x, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. [​IMG]


    Update will come for car at weekend.Hopefully i can do the michelin tires too.What's more i will fix some logos on this too at weekend and will make another one of this car in mclaren chassic!.Hope you enjoy it!Many thanks to ML for his 3d car template and for his help too,and a very big thanks to Gerald to!He helped me the most .It's like he gave me a tutorial for it:D.He inspired me to do it.Please be easy on me as it's my first try for skinning:).Will fix the car number to 1 and 2 if you would like to:)
    Will try to make 2003 schumi and barichello helmet too or will ask Gerald for it.Hopefully i will do the wheel to and racecrew but i would be delighted if someone can help me to find good pic of the crew:D
    4096x4096 size

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  2. paint ?
  3. What do you mean by Paint?I used photoshop cs5:D.It's just looks crap on my pc because of the graphics.Just use dx11 ultra and you will see:).I screenshoted on 1280x1024 with 2x msaa so don't except a very good pic
  4. By the way I play on med-low-high mix graphics settings because of my card:(.Will get a 6870 and a phenom iix4 965 too!:)
  5. i wanted editing in photoshop :/ i'm edit the cars on formula 1 2010 in paint, but is bad, very bad, good job man ! nice working
  6. Will do all cars from 2003 if i have free time to do it:)
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  7. Good Work!
    I only work with gimp 2:(.
  8. Get cs5 extended.It's defenitly worth the money.
  9. I bought it, but I could not work on it.
    That work in layers I do not understand much:(.
  10. wow looks very good!! the 2003 car was my Favorite car from Ferrari Ever :D
  11. Watch ML's video it helped me to learn it:D
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  12. First post updated new link!Added vodafone logo to the front part of the car .Fixed the side marlboro logo.New car numbers as it were in 2003 .Now it's 1 and 2.Removed alonso and massa text from car.Now everything as accurate as possible from me!But one thing still remains the problem.The vodafone logo on the side of the front wing is inverted.No matter how i change the size of it it automatically inverts it.Hope someone can fix it!By the way I hope someone do ultra dx11 screens with the updated car on inject fx profile with and without it!Schumi 2003 helmet will be done on weekend or next week!!
    Added red stripe to that little logo on the bottom of the car.
  13. Can anyone make a screenshot of it?My pc can't handle the high resolution with ultra graphics settings:)
  14. Update:Video from one of the league racers in my country:).Hope this video helps.Currently doing a porsche fantasy car then the 2003 mclaren if i will have time.
  15. Brilliant job,thank you:thumbsup:
  16. [​IMG]

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  17. Thank you man:).By the way what's wrong with the upper picture where the number is.I don't have that white part around the number:D
  18. Np , more to come in time:).
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  19. Just ignore it
    that's how it looks from another angle :thumbsup:
  20. just saw that the previous logos shows too so i will upload a new link with the updated specocc file and i will fix now the side white part because of the lower black line it looks bad on the left side.
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