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Cars F1_1991_AGS WIP 1.0

F1 1991 AGS

  1. Angelq117 submitted a new resource:

    F1_1991_AGS WIP - F1 1991 AGS

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  2. @Angelq117
    HI, here is a .tga with a transparent logo looks nicer when selected just rename the reiza21.rcs to reiza21.tga (wouldnt let me upload a .tga extension)

    i do hope someone will help with the AMS grass pick etc good luck

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    Screenshots of what's to come

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  4. Awesome thanks bud
  5. how do I install this mod
  6. If you have no other mods installed just extract the files using winrar to x:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Automobilista or where ever you have automobilista installed
    If you have any other mods installed you will have to go into the series folder and rename the reiza21.srs and reiza21.tga to whatever the next available number i.e if your last mod was number 22 rename 23 and so on
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  7. do I just extract both folders into cars and also none of my other mods have anything called series or reiza in them
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  8. none of my mods have anything that says series or reiza
  9. Good job!
    How do I put wheels F1 CLASSIC Reiza?
  10. Great job, its a convertion from wich game?
  11. What Game are you trying to install this mod to as theres no folder named CARS in automobilista its called Vehicles
  12. hex


    One of my very favorite mods in rF. So happy you're working on it, mate :) Cheers!
  13. Ai can't drive the cars very well. Too much wheelspin, they just endlessly do doughnuts when they do the Monza chicane
  14. Not for me
  15. Is this a conversion from the Historic Edition or League Edition? Looking good, great work!
  16. League Edition originally - and still_guns - I races them on most tracks and for me the AI drives very well and competatively. No idea why it is not so for you bud. But I will be sure to check everything before final release... maybe a few of you guys will be willing to do a pre-release test session with us or something... will keep you posted. Still no luck with the wheels yet - but I am making progress at least. Wish I had a partner to help with this mod because it is a time consuming process. But I think it is worth every minute.
  17. I like drifty AI lol