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Discussion in 'rFactor' started by jnl.42, Jun 18, 2010.

  1. What's the best F1 mod around? By best I don't mean latest, I'd prefer if it had up to date skins and models but I can deal with it if it doesn't, what I want is good physics. Since there are so many of the damn mods around, I thought I'd save my time and ask which are the best ones rather than try all of them myself.
  2. Martin Bulgin

    Martin Bulgin
    Premium Member

    MMG07, CTDP06, FSONE08 and after Sunday FSONE09.
  3. Any idea where I could get some of them, since rFC is down?
  4. If you want to include historic mods in the equation, I highly recommend Grand Prix 1979. The physics are superb.
  5. Not at this stage, more looking at modern F1. I've found a few links for MMG F107 at VirtualR so that's currently downloading at the moment. ;)

    Does anyone know what's up with rFC anyway?
  6. Martin you have not even tested the FSONE09 (exept if you are a beta tester) but I think it's a bit early to judge how good FSONE09 realy is.
  7. So I've been having a ton of fun with MMG F107 lately, so now I"ve gotten curious and I'm trying all different mods. I've tried 1 2010 mod and it was god awful, so now I'm currently downloading the FSR 2010 mod and the WCP 2009 one, and I'll wait a week or 2 to see if FSONE09 V2 comes out soon, I'd rather save a bit on my bandwidth if I can help it. :D
  8. I have WCP 2009 as well. It's not a bad mod - the detail is good and the physics are fun, but as of tonight, I think FSONE 09 eclipses it in every respect.