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F1 style seat

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Fred Owen, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. For those planning to build an f1 style rig (me included!)
    Does anyone know where one can buy an f1 seat (this rig would be 80/20 so I don't mean the R Seat or the Playseat)

    Or does anyone know how to build one of them? :)

  2. and angled back that would be the same as f1?
    I was thinking with a headrest as well :)
  3. Devil_Dog

    I walk the line.

  4. The image you had with the 80/20 cockpit is a former F1 seat. You won't find on like that. The tillet would be your closest, I mean they put those in Radical's and other endurance/layback race cars. Other than molding a seat, your options are few and far between. If it helps your search, I've been looking for a f1 style seat for YEARS and haven't come up with anything other than molding one or spending the $1000 on a tillet. Supposedly super comfortable though, no padding necessary, plus takes away the "feel" of the car.
    Just trying to help.
  5. I'd go for the tillet B 3 5,

    lean it backwards and you'll get a Formula style feeling, laid down it should be even more ergonomic too.
  6. Those look quite interesting actually, good find. I think the saloon GT 'R4647' seat is more laid back.
    Really decent prices though if you ask me! Too bad shipping would kill me for something that big.
    You European's don't know how lucky you have things to do anything with racing. I drive 4 hours to get to the closest track. I drive 2.5 just to get to a decent motorsports shop. You guys ring up your buddy and *poof* brand new stripped down pre-race car! ;)
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  7. Looks pretty good indeed :)

    If you feel that way, I probably shouldn't tell you I live a 15 minutes drive from Zandvoort circuit then :p
  8. Fred Owen
    I've never seen a price for a tillet, let alone that low (from demontweeks). They are more than likely your utmost best option other than molding your own seat. Molding your own seat still doesn't indicate what a 'proper' position would be. I know the tillet seat is used in quite alot of track-purpose cars, and I know there has been a bunch of Radicals with those seats installed. I would personally order one if I didn't have to pay that much shipping (closest outlet that sells Tillet in Canada is an 8.5 hr drive), plus I don't think the wife would support the idea with a baby on it's way in the next 2 months.

    @ William
    I have Mosport at 3.5 hours, Watkins Glen at 5+ hours, Mid-Ohio at 5+ hours and Circuit Gilles Villeneuve at 7+ hours. Great tracks with great racing, but driving is a real bitch when those times only indicate one way!!! You guys can get from Portugal to Netherlands in what? 4 hours. That means there are 300+ tracks within a 4 hour drive. Therefore you also have countless number of track ready built cars already for the picking, here everything goes in circles so if you want a track car your making it yourself from scratch (because scratch is cheaper than shipping actual parts from across the pond!)