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F1 steering wheel replica - Mercedes-Benz Petronas AMG 2013

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by seeedfr, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. The design is finally finished!
    Presenting my steering wheel replica of the Mercedes-Benz Petronas AMG 2013 team. The project took about 1.5 years. It's hybrid of a Hamilton's and Rosberg's versions (for those who are in the topic :)). It includes complete electronics.
    Short specification:
    - SIMR-F1 display;
    - 16x pushbuttons;
    - 5x rotary swtich
    - 2x rotary encoder (ratio 1:1);
    - 2x analog potentiometer
    - DSD adapter
    - kit weighs - 986g (including adapter and cable)


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  2. ouvert


    gorgeous .. good job :thumbsup:
    I like the pots on clutch paddles .. are they showing as two analog inputs or are they merged to one ?
  3. Wicked

    Horsepower! My kingdom for some horsepower! Premium

    Looks absolutely stunning.

    How much did it cost you in components? I've been thinking about doing something similar myself (but with a GT rim) But I am not sure how technical one needs to be to put something like this together. I know very little about electronics.
  4. Absolutely beautiful,
    Really cool !!!!

    I one day have the dream of having an w05 steering wheel !

    Did you made the knobs aswell ?
    Greetings Wesley
  5. Amazing project, look beautiful.

    The only thing is when you click "drink" button that some nice girl would bring you one :D
  6. Jeff Huber

    Jeff Huber

    WOW!! Seeedfr , that has to be one of , if not the best looking F1 rims I've ever seen made! Incredible job dude!
  7. Thank you for your comments! Appreciate
    ouvert - the clutch pedals are being marged into one. ;)

    Wicked - to be honest, I don't know how much it costed. At some level you don't want to count anymore. ;)

    Cloudini5 - indeed. I did all the knobs by myself :)
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  8. Yet again Seeedfr absolutely stunning, Hats off !!
    is this your only replica your building or are you going to do more ?
    next to that, do you have your own machines to compress or do vacuum Carbon pressing ?

  9. Johand


    was wondering as well , is that carbon layed up with resin , or prepreg and baked in an oven??

    any pics of the actual carbonparts being made??

    verry nice work!!
  10. @Cloudini5 - so far it's the only one, BUT I'm thinking bout some next (maybe even commercial ones) version. Ofcourse W06/W07 style. I don't have vacuum ect. It would generate enormous production costs. I did the wooden matrix of main body and gearshift flap (handmade, no CNC), and send them to the carbon fiber company. It was the cheapest way of crafting this beauty :)
    @Johand - the main body, and the gear shift flap are prepregs baked in an oven. on the other hand I did the clutch flaps by myself. I've bough 3mm carbon fiber plate, than cut propper shapes and glue them with resign.
  11. Johand


    verry nice made! , so you made the mold for the body in wood? how much was it to have the prepreg done / baked etc if i may ask?
  12. interesting use of the "single Axis" shifter mount. I guess its common place on the real deal units. 1 less switch to worry about too.

  13. That is a piece of motorsports Art!:thumbsup:

    Sooooo....how much to build me one? :whistling:
    If you're taking orders, I'm fine with faux leather and no carbon fiber finish and change the yellow knob into a dpad. :D
  14. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Wow! Just wow!
  15. @Johand - I paid about ~1600zł (~370€) for the main body and gearshift flap:)

    @Azfalt Racer - thank you! so far i'm not sure if any commercial version is goin to appear :) if so, my speculations are 1000€ - 1100€ (all electronic included) ;)
  16. Hi Seeedfr, beautiful wheel you have made, i just have 1 word of caution, please be very careful when using carbon fibre. the problem is that if a splinter enters through your skin you will not be able to remove it, it is like very fine strands of fishing hooks and it will eventually enter your bloodstream and can possibly stick in your heart. i am a compound archer, i use carbon arrows and i have known people who have had to have fingers and hands removed to save their life. so please be carefull, as i said i love your wheel but want you to be safe. a lot of people do not know the dangers of carbon fibre. sorry for the miserable post .
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  17. Lol I call BS on the surgical removal of limbs.
  18. Wicked

    Horsepower! My kingdom for some horsepower! Premium

    If Carbon Fiber is anything like Glassfiber, it's infact very dangerous.
    When I studied Mechanical Engineering we worked with some fiberglass. It required us to suit up in white plastic suites, wear masks that covered nose mouth and eyes., gloves, boots.

    Because the particles that come off sawing fiberglass are like tiny spears, incredibly small. If you breath in those they get stuck in your lungs, and unlike dust, you can't cough them out. They can cause serious breathing issues.

    Fiberglas can also get in your blood if you cut yourself on it after it's freshly sawn, which is super dangerous, however, very unlikely to happen if you wear proper protection. I never heard of anybody had to amputate anything. But, if carbon fiber is anything like fiberglass, it can indeed be very dangerous to work with.

    EDIT: Just saw the DIY Thread on your setup. I suppose I didn't have to tell you any of this haha:)
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2016
  19. Been cutting and playing with Real CF for years.....Your All Taking things WAY too seriously. Fiberglass is also not exactly healthy for you, but Trust me. your reading into thing's a wee much. ;)
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  20. hi Moxley6969, did you know that carbon fibre is also electrically conductive ?, when using power sanders on carbon fibre the dust can get into the trigger and it can cause electrocution. it can also get into light switches so when you go to put that light on your lights could go out. i like people who are blaz'e about safety, they cannot be bothered to find out the correct information. you call BS on limb removal, that is entirely up to you. i wrote the original message to let the guy know that it CAN be dangerous, just take the right precautions. obviously safety in your eyes is not important, in my eyes it's very important, it's up to the individual to make that decision. here's an idea, find a bit of rough edged carbon fibre run your hand down the edge and then see how painful it is with carbon fibre strands embedded in your skin and see what happens. it was a safety warning to the guy to be careful