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F1 Seven 1975 LE v1.1 & IPE v1.1 mods, released!!

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Ricard Montserrat, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. F1 Seven 1975 LE v1.1 & IPE v1.1, released!!

    Screenshot courtesy of Alexismr

    Here are the the F1 Seven 1975 Season LE v1.1 & IPE v1.1 mods, conversions to rFactor of the awesome mod by Team CREW, F1 Seven, Release 2, for the EA Sports game F1 Challenge 99-02.

    - Same physics for all cars in the F1 Seven 1975 LE v1.1 mod.

    - Individual physics for every team in the F1 Seven 1975 IPE v1.1 mod (physics by 1LeSvT)


    F1 Seven 1975 LE v1.1 & IPE v1.1

    Converted to rFactor by [VtCl] tatinos
    from the awesome F1 Challenge 99-02 mod
    F1 seven, by CREW

    Very special thanks

    --- Team CREW!!
    --- 1LeSvT
    --- Grand Prix Classics, cause we're using their steering wheels & sounds in these mods!!

    --- Nerbur
    --- Mauri Leiva (Reuteman) for his *body*.gmt with arms!
    --- Mònica Ràfols http://mofols.blogspot.com
    --- My little sons, Ferran & Pau!

    Also thanks in alphabetical order

    --- birle1
    --- chrisdelta
    --- danielrod
    --- drako90
    --- elmenda33
    --- mansell5
    --- ozpata

    for their help with the physics, betatesting, historical data and friendship!

    IMPORTANT: if anyone wants to use the files in this mod, please first contact me, [VtCl] tatinos, by mp in http://virtualclassics.lightbb.com/ or send me an email to virtualclassics.lightbb.com@gmail.com . Fair play please.

    The links:

    F1 Seven 1975 LE v1.1 mod

    F1 Seven 1975 IPE v1.1 mod



    Screenshots courtesy of

    -- Drako90
    -- Chrisdelta
    -- Danielrod
    -- Ozpata
    -- [VtCl] tatinos

    VirtualClassics 2010
  2. Many thanks for this great update. Download is a bit slow, so I have to wait.
  3. VERSION 1.2 Full install now available

    Download HERE

    From their website:

    Original text in Spanish translated using Google translate
  4. Me likey this Thanks for the update Paul :) I love my old f1 cars :D
  5. I agree this is a great mod, you can really control the turns with throttle and a little sliding! The ffb when combining Leo and Realfeel is spot on! :)
  6. Yes now with the 1.1 or 1.2 Versions i have the feeling that the realfeel ist better and its possible to make a good combining with Leo FFB.
    But the sound of 1977 its better ? is this from wolferl ?
    Thanks for reply !
  7. I'll always race in the UOP Shadow.

    There's a clue to the left..
  8. looking for the 1975 IPE version, but no links online ....
  9. Stig Bidstrup

    Stig Bidstrup
    Blip ! The Throttle Premium