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[F1] Mansell and Senna best buddys really

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Chris Marshall, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. found this and i recon you will like it, crap quality but worth the watch.

  2. Great rivalry those two had. :)
  3. Oh my gosh to hear Murray again brings a tear to my eye, I (unfortunately) remember that and had a real trip back to my childhood Cheers for that Chris. It just goes to show the etiquette of the gentleman driver, on track they may be rivals but when the race is over it is all forgotten, well it should be, not so much nowadays but that is the press fault for asking stupid question's to stir drivers I think.

    Edit :- I just spent the last hour watching all the vid's that came with that and it is very easy to forget how bloody dangerous being an F1 driver and F1 marshal is and I am glad my crashes are in a game as I would not be here now if it was real.
  4. Brings back memories, I was at Bridge in 1991. Notice the green Jordan under the bridge, that was a good crash.
  5. OMG that is so cool, I had forgotten all about it. Nice 1. Thanks for posting
  6. Yeh, i grew up with Murry and loved sundays sat infront of the TV with my dad. He used to take me to the british GP every year and in summer we used to plan our summer holiday around the time of the spanish GP, i still remember him saying

    Mother - 'you did this on purpose, you new the F1 was here'
    Dad - '' Oh, what a stroke of luck we have booked our holiday at the same time''
    Mother - ''I suppose your going then''
    Dad - ''well we cant disappoint little chris, he loves the F1''
    Mother - ''every bloody year !!!!''

    Rip mum and dad, thanks for the memories

    great vid eh
  7. f1 legends channel
    F1 Legends.

  8. Murray Walker is a drama queen, while Martin Brundle rocks. Walker would go nuts saying all sorts of crazy things and Martin would calmly correct him. Martin Brundle knows what he is talking about. I understand Walker has his fans, but he sure liked to make the smallest of things in a race into major drama.
  9. Murry wasn't a drama queen. Yes he got excited but to me that made him more human. One thing you can't take away from Murry was his passion for the sport. He didn't sit in the BBC commentary both every Sunday to get his pay and go home. He sat there because that was his 'seat' in the grandstand and he wanted to share all the drama and action on the track with us a sitting at home. I've never seen someone so passionate about the sport and even know he still does q & a sessions with BBC after every race on the website.

    Overall he is a fanatastic guy and the OPs clip just brought back to me how much I miss him.
  10. James Chant

    James Chant

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    Not quite relevant to F1 2010 game.
  11. I still say he was a "Drama Queen very passionate about the sport".

    I have been watching some older races lately and not long ago I watched the 1997 Canadian Grand Prix where Jacques Villeneuve kisses the wall 2 laps into the race. The first thing that came out of Murray Walkers lips was "and Jacques Villeneuve is out of the Canadian Grand Prix, this is absolutely fantastic". I thought to myself what is so fantastic about someone crashing Murray? Fortunately Martin Brundle was the perfect person to sit along side Walker and bring things back into perspective. Martin Brundle knows his ####, and I laugh every time he corrected Walker for one of his Walker'isms. But I understand Murray Walker has his loyal followers, even if I do think he is a drama queen. LOL