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F1 in Project CARS?

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by zlep, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. Hello,

    I'd like to know if there will be the F1 series in Project CARS. Of course not officially, cause they can't have the license but if this game is moddable, will there be F1 mods?

  2. If the game is moddable, then I wager it will get F1 treatment. Hell, there's a Mclaren Formula 1 car for Need for Speed Shift. So I don't think that's too unlikely.

    If you have access to the WMD forum, you'll find your answer here.
  3. they are working on a generic f1 2011 car with drs and kers too. Hope they release it in some following build.
  4. Thx for answers.
    The developers themself?
    Although they have no license they build a 2011 F1 car? Would be awesome.

    I'm very disappointed about rfactor2 (yes, it's beta, but anyway) so I put all my hopes into CARS :)
  5. They don't have a license so that's why they'll build a generic F1 2011 car and will be named as Formula A.
  6. Ok. Would be nice if anybody could push this thread if they included it to their build. Then I will buy the alpha :)
  7. when it comes out I'll post it here. ;)
  8. BTW. I signed and the F1 car will be released soon :)
  9. Formula 1 (Formula A) is still in development! The first version of the game where a Formula A car is available will be published today (Build #142)


  10. prefer this game than codemaster but I dont think pcars will release each year a f1 game as an update like CM do