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F1 in GSC

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Jeremy Chambers, Nov 9, 2014.

  1. Hey Guys,

    I was just wondering what each of the F1 types in GSC actually is trying to emulate. I understand that the Extreme is the 2014 spec, but what approximate date ranges are represented by the following types:

    Formula Reiza
    Formula Retro
    Formula Classic
    Formula v12

    Would I be correct in assuming the following?
    Retro = 70's
    V12 = 80's
    Classic = 90's
    Reiza = 2000's

    Thanks guys.
  2. Retro-Mid 70s
    V12- Mid 90s
    Classic-Late 80s
    Reiza- 2012/2013
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  3. Yes, Retro is about 1975, v12 about 1995, classic about 1988 but not sure.
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  4. i actually think its a bit more specific. they may not be aiming for true simulations but it seems to me each league/era has a specific historical car (if there is a brazil connection especially)

    retro = corpusucar fittipaldi fd04
    classic = mclaren mp4/4
    v12 = ferrari 412T2 (?)
    reiza = not sure, but as said '12/'13 F1 (probably red bull)
    extreme = mercedes w05

    those are all guesses though & again i dont know how much effort reiza put into trying to simulate the actual car.
  5. Reiza cars are the 2010 cars.
    Extreme 2014

    Rest I can't remember
  6. i agree with v12, classic and formula reiza and extreme. they're supposed to resemble mp4/4, 412T2, red bull rb7 and mercedes w05 (though extreme is more like a general shape than a specific car). retro is a different case. afaik reiza licensed copersucar fittipaldi fd04 while the second shape resembles the glorious brabham bt44
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