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F1 Gamepad Settings

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Ravi Kant, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Can anyone share their gamepad settings with me? I want to know which key to assingn to which control.I have recently bought a Genius maxfire gamepad.Help me!
  2. That is my assign keys on PS3 control . I hope to help you. ps3.jpg
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  3. Thanks mate.
  4. If you want to use that PS3 gamepad without assists you should remap the throttle and brake to R2 and L2 oh and use analog stick for steering.
  5. ls left - steer left
    ls right - steer right
    R2 - Throttle
    L2 - Brakes
    square - gear up
    X - gear down
    triangle - DRS
    circle - car status
    L1 - kers
    R1 - camera change
    D Pad - Quick menu
  6. Can you drive with gamepad without traction?For me is impossible.
    I always driving with full traction because without that,I could not turn.
    My lap time is 1.5 - 2 second slower than the wheel drivers .
  7. I can't cause I use wheel but if you check on YouTube there's a guy KPTK or something and he drives with Xbox game pad. He's one of the fastest guys in Forza and F1 2012 and he even plays iRacing with the pad.
  8. I custom set up my gamepad for pc to something very different, but I guess I'm used to it and find it the easiest set-up to play with as my own preference. It works well as I hold the gamepad with both hands, of course. You can certainly try this out as an alternate gamepad set-up if the default doesn't work well for you.

    Here is my set-up configuration:

    Left Analogue stick left = steer left
    Left Analogue stick right = steer right
    Left Analogue stick up: up a gear
    Left Analogue stick down: down a gear
    Right Analogue stick left: quick menu left
    Right Analogue stick right: quick menu right
    Right Analogue stick up: quick menu up
    Right Analogue stick down: quick menu down
    D-Pad left: look left
    D-Pad right: look right
    D-Pad up: look foward
    D-Pad down: look backward
    Start button: push to talk
    Select button: change camera
    X: car status
    triangle: rear view
    Square: instant replay
    Circle: Pause
    R1: Throttle
    L1: Brake/Reverse
    R2: KERS
    L2: DRS

    Try my setup if you're not comfortable with your current one or the default one. It took a lot of time testing out which set-up worked best for me.
  9. You believe that he drives with pad?I saw on videos the smoothness of movements on the steering wheel.
    How does he do this?
  10. With alot of practice,and precision.
    It takes alot of time to get used to play without assists with controller,,i can pull it off too.
    Here are the settings i am using when ever i am driving with controller.
    D-pad, Quick Menu Up down left right,
    Left Stick, Steering
    Right Stick,Throttle,Brakes
    Left Stick(L3),Look Back Camera
    Right Stick,(R3) Car Status,
    L1 Gear Down-R1 Gear UP
    L2 Kers-R2 DRS
    Triangle- Chance camera
    Square -Look left,
    Circle -Look right
    X(I use a scruipt for GlovePie,which enables voice commands ingame)
    Select-Instant Replay
    Start -Menu
  11. Go ask him mate, not me.