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Skins F1 Ferrari 2006 Barcode 3.0

Marlboro version

  1. I think you have set the blur factor for mipmapping to high in the dds plugin.

    My settings are blurfactor with syncfilter -8.5 sharpen soft

    quality high quality under image quality settings and error diffusion on 1 for better gradients
    gamma correction off

    generate new mipmaps

    textures with size of 1024x1024=10 MipMap stages
    textures with size of 2048x2048=11 MipMap stages
    textures with size of 4096x4096=12 MipMap sages or all

    smaller sizes as 1024x1024

    512x512=9 MipMap stages
    256x256=8 MipMap stages

    Some games using all stages for all texturesizes but this isn´t necessary in F1 2014 and costs to much performance.
    I´m using in F1 2014 for best Quality only DXT5 and DXT3. DXT5 for transperencie Alphamaps.

    For good quality car skins use no texturesize under 2048x2048

    I hope it may help you. ;)
  2. When you set a blurfactor over 1 all is more blurry. Test what is the best setting for you. Begin with -1 and than look step for step what is your point of no return.
  3. Thanks for the help.
  4. Something like that?

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  5. Yes it looks better, now. The other thing that you must change is the speccocc to create better reflections. Generate new mipmaps too for that texture and you have lovely looking classics. Sorry I can´t give you only three stars or I like your stuff, because of other modders high detailed work. But don´t give up it is agood idea to create new skins for the good old classics and your tires looking really great. Have fun to create mods. ;)