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Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by AtTiLa33, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. The team's construction:
    Kartik Sri Harsha,Kristiannn,AtTiLa33 and thanks for warok for the graphics!

    F1 2012 season mod!
    Complete F1 2011 change to 2012!
    Team's and Drivers name Updated!
    Updated chassis and their names!
    Correct 2012 Driver Numbers!
    Correct driver picture!
    Caterham and HRT has KERS!
    Real AI and SC!
    and more futures!
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  2. I see you've marked that Caterham has KERS!
    HRT has also kers (williams)

    Good continuation
  3. I made a mod for it already :)
  4. english please
  5. This is looking good What are you want to say with 'Real AI and SC' ? Ai will faster? and I have an idea! Why you not uniting your powers so after really good mods coming ;)
  6. I didn't get you
  7. no problem mate no problem
  8. We are trying to get the SC more
    Even though we had a car lying on the Track due to retirement they are just getting disappeared even though SC has a Chance of 1
    So we need time to get this things right
  9. Released V1;)
  10. Report issues and other stuff to be included for V1.1 we will try to fix them
  11. Mod is good I have high expectation from this mod ! I suggest Ai little bit faster and brave ai I want to like this battles [​IMG]

    And can you change Brake Points ! or give me which you edited some track !
  12. Will try for that
  13. yes :D !
  14. will be hard but we will try;)
  15. You can do it with our mod mates? meanwhile your mod will have update exciter or you finish update ?
  16. yes will have a final version!
  17. This is actually kinda impossible. They don't overtake while breaking. They overtake only while accelerating. I tried to fix it too but it's impossible. For the bravery, they're braver in my mod, they take more risks I am willing to increase this in my V2.0 but like I said, it's not coming soon. So let's see what will AtTiLa33 and Kartik make. Who knows? They may find something! :p
  18. I'm trying to increase the Aggression but it was making hell they are taking out each other and retirements are taking place so i'm also trying to optimize it mate