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F1 custom wheel quick release

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Maximvs, Oct 31, 2013.

  1. Maximvs


    Hello all,

    i wil start a new F1 custom wheel based to Thrusmaster F1 Ferrari wheel.I am collecting electronics and parts and i will start the mod in a few days.The only part that i can't find is the quick release.Can you tell me your opinion about this?...i need a quick release for Logitech G25 and the Thrusmaster F1 addon..

    Any help is appreciate..

    Thank you very much!

  2. bberger


    Check out http://simulaje.blogspot.co.at/. The guy who makes the QRs is named Juan Zapata (JZ-Quick Release).

    They are made out of Aluminum and can be bought seperately (you could buy 1 for the G25 base side and buy a wheel side adapter for every rim you want to add). Pricing is very fair and Juan is an extremely nice guy.

    The QRs have a minor bit of play out of the box, but that can be easily fixed with an o-ring from your hardware store (I was skeptic about this, but it did work flawlessly on my G27 and it worked flawlessly on the Frex Mk1 too at high torque).

    The nice thing about them is that you really can buy them seperately and have a system for every wheel. If you change the base just buy another base adapter for e.g. the Frex and you're set to go without modifying your wheel.

    They do come with a 15pin D-Sub jack/plug also.

    Be aware that Juan doesn't rally speak English very well, but I had no problem communicating with him.
  3. Death_Magnetic


    Hi bberger & Maximvs, i have the same need to attach a TM F1 add-on to my ECCI wheel base. I tried contacting Juan, he replied with an initial statement saying he'll get back to me, but after that na-da .. maybe I'll try again . .

    bberger, if you don't mind me asking, how much did you pay?
  4. bberger


    I'd have to look up the receipt, but I think the male side was about 60€ and each female side was about 50€. BUT: I'd actually consider twice if I would want to mount it on my ECCI. They DO have a bit of play (which can be reduced to a very tiny amount using just a simple o-ring, sounds funny but it really does the job).

    On the G25/G27 the QRs are just about perfect because they're reasonably cheap, but on my Frex they are borderline. I don't mind a bit of play, but it MAY be annoying to some people. Especially without the O-Ring mod. I don't feel any play when driving, but when playing a simple sine wave through David Tucker's wheel check it gets a little bit scary as you can definately see, feel and hear the noise of the play.


    About the communication with Juan: yeah, It sometimes takes a few days to get him to get back to you, but when he does it usually is quality feedback.

    PS: what I really CAN recommend without any second thougts are his paddle shifters. They are quality, feel REALLY nice, look really good and are adjustable in about any way imaginable. I was sceptic about them after mounting the QR, but they indeed are quality and imho feel very comparable to the CSW BMW/F1 rim paddle shifters. Very crisp and very good haptic feedback. I love them and I wouldn't want to trade them for anything ;) And he sells them for a scary fair price (I think again about 50€ for the normal system and 80€ or so for a "double system" including 2 paddle shifters for up/down and 2 paddles for analog purposes (eiter be it clutch/clutch like in F1 cars or gas/brake for handicapped drivers) using hall sensors.