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Seasons F1 Classic 1.01

mega classic mod - with cars spanning 25 years

  1. Millsy24 submitted a new resource:

    F1 Classic - mega classic mod - with cars spanning 25 years

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  2. this might sound stupid but this is no rar file or zip file....how do I include a text file into the game?
  3. It does sound stupid. Why not reading the downloadable .txt instead?
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  4. Looks like I've to reinstall F1 2013 again! Thanks for using my Toyota and the credits, this is great!
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  5. it does Not do you know how to make it work please
  6. Make sure you have installed it onto a clean f1 2013, and start a new save when it loads

    I've had some troubles myself, however these come down to the game and not my mod, (still doesn't work even on a clean install)

    Oh and if the above doesn't work, can you explain how you installed it and in what way it doesn't work

  7. How did you get you extract the Estoril circuit and San Marino?
    Which program you used to open .nfs file?
  8. Quick bms plus the codemasters script
  9. Thank you very much, you helped a lot. But I can not extract the file where this .nfs the car 90 c22, c23, c32, c33, c34 and c35. You can extract this file? I want to make the mode 1994 (Senna Forever) and I need these cars.
  10. the same script should do both, pack 1 is the file you need to extract the cars and interiors,
  11. Thank you for files. If you need, we are here!
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  12. uhm ho to download?? when im loading the text file there are two links and none of them are working.... o.O
  13. hmm seems something has been corrupted, ill try to fix it now
  14. i really like this mod but does anyone else has a problem with the game crashing after the brazilian gp in season mode, after the race is finished and after you see the top three drivers getting out of the cars, my game crashes at the loading screen, can anyone help me with this problem? (i have installed the mod on a clean installation of the game on steam btw)
  15. hmm thats strange, unfortunately i havent ever done a full season with the mod. perhaps someone else knows how to fix it?

    if im honest i dont really play f1 2013 anymore :( i hope you can fix it
  16. alright, thank you anyway, maybe someone else has an answer, otherwise i´ll play a manual season (i count the points myself) :)