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F1 2017 Sponsor Mods

Discussion in 'F1 2017 - The Game' started by Amir Lelouch, Oct 1, 2017.

  1. Amir Lelouch

    Amir Lelouch

    Hello guys....recently I played F1 2017 using F1 2017 mods for sponsors....when I played career and intend to save,the save files is missing and need to redo again from practice 1....

    When I played in Hungary GP,the games is save even i using Sponsors Mod.....when I played Sepang in Quick Race using the mods and save it at the middle of the race and log out...when i return to played it...the save games is missing again....and i tried at Spa and doing the same...the save games were still there

    So..When I Identified what happens...The drinking`s sponsor (Heineken & Johnny Walker) are the main reason why I can save the games during carrer and quick race (Hungary and Spa dosent have that sponsor).So I hope when you guys read this...please try it and change the mods once again.