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Skins F1 2016 Renault for SF15-T 1.5.1


  1. Steve Bird

    Steve Bird
    Racing Since 1978 Premium Member

    I'm just getting a white blank skin in game. Any ideas?
  2. Beautiful livery. Please, increase quality a bit and yellow paint should be with little another tone? or i'm wrong ?
  3. Where dou find misstake at skin can u send me please the pic and wittch new tone do u think ? (Thats better for u ?)

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  4. After the yellow one this will come? :D


    Thanks for the livery! Much appreciated. :thumbsup:
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  5. u thinking about for that http://imgur.com/a/0dUAH
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  6. Color seems to be right, but for virtual space, may be a bit deeper yellow will be more correct. For me is better, what is better for F1 fans (personaly i'm not), as they most patience about such things guys ..;-)
  7. Is there ANY chance that you stop with this rate of update, two in one days, please ?
    Is final version in sight ?
    I resize many of your files, plus there is (in this of McL, can't remember now) a LOT of useless .psd files, that also need to be deleted so... you know... there's so many things to be done. Twice a day. Six time already. Please ? :unsure:
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  8. Hi, the downloaded file 1.5 have just the black livery, i miss something ?
    thank's to your job ;)
  9. Yes couse the 1.5 update contain just new livery
  10. oki i need cofee lol thank's
  11. Guys im started to creat the next skin witch is Mercedes. I want to hear hat are they think about it for that 20160725230236_1.jpg 20160725230240_1.jpg 20160725230247_1.jpg
  12. So the yellow version is gone now? If it is on the front page then please upload it. I dont have it anymore and others will think its in there from the preview images. Thank you.
  13. Yep i want yellow version too.