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Misc F1 2016 Mod for 2014 Version of F1 2015 - TSS 1.7

2016 season within 2014 game mode, includes all 11 teams.

  1. 99tss submitted a new resource:

    F1 2016 Mod for 2014 Version of F1 2015 - TSS - Includes all 11 teams and 22 drivers!

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  2. when liveries this is great fun btw it says vernge in game
  3. Finally a mod that will include Haas ! Keep up the good work, and give us the livries :D
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  4. Dude make this mod perfect please! I'm already hyped on your mod! :D

    Do you will add the track Mexico? Is it possible?
    Do you can exchange the front-spoiler of the F1 2014 cars with the F1 2015 cars?

    If the skins & team livries will be great, then is this mod already the best F1 2016 mod! :D
  5. Yeah adding tracks and changing materials of cars I'm pretty sure is impossible but I may be able to try doing the liveries in a couple of weeks
  6. Keep up the great work dude . Another thing , do you think the DRS is opened and closed on a pretty slow speed? I think so and i found sth in the handling files that can speed up the DRS. Currently i'm testing the mechanical failures but so far i've only managed to change the overreving damage , damage per gear change to the gearbox and some damage to the car like the engine and the gearbox...I can provide help if you need i mean. Just let me know.;)
  7. oh yeah , the engine tempreture and tempreture damage ratio is under testing...Ive made the tyres less vulnerable so it would last longer but the problem is the AIs don't seem to be affected by this...I tried to make the tyres hard enough to last the whole race with just one stop in Melbourne but the AIs still do 3 stops strategy and i don;t know what to do with it..
  8. Would be pretty cool to have more common mechanical failures, does it apply to you driving? Also are you able to change the performance of the 2014 cars to 2016 performance? That I need help with for my F1 2016 on 2014 version mod. (Haas = Caterham btw)
  9. Currently i still don;t know how to edit the databases in the F12015 . Engine power is editable though..The handling file is editable for now . Need to look more into the files.
  10. The mechanical failure is an interesting one , im testing with Manor in 2015, i managed to get the engine tempreture red high(literally RED high),but the damage caused by that is under testing. The effect of gearbox damage is pretty awesome, jamming the gears temporarily and permanently , missing gears are all possible. And the engineer will tell you if the gearbox is showing signs of damage
  11. Yep, i've took a look in the handling files. Not quite sure but i think i can edit the car performances more than just engine power and gearratio. Found tons of sentences about Aero stuff, not sure about mechanical grip.But i think there is a way.
  12. The handling files looks pretty similar between 2014 and 2015 season. We could use the Sauber or Toro Rosso handling files as the base and tweak it a little bit to make it more realistic . At least i presume.
  13. do you do the carskins aswell? and performance of the cars? :O

    just asking ^^
  14. Ok so car skins will take time. I've nearly finished the Red Bull livery. Performance I'm not sure when tbh, depends when I can figure it out.
  15. Nice work but when driving car Max verstappen, still helm of Vettel with number 1.....
  16. I've not updated the livery yet, might release the Red Bull set tonight...
  17. McLaren plz
  18. Yes yes be patient. 1.2 will be Renault, 1.3 McLaren...
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