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F1 2015 Thrustmaster T300 RS settings

Discussion in 'F1 2015 - The Game' started by mrjohnnice, Jul 9, 2015.

  1. Hello

    Has anyone got info on how to improve the steering on the T300 RS? I'm not really up on the whole car set up thing but the handling seems very bad. I'm not sure if it's just the game itself is not good. It can't be my driving, I'm fantastic. I'm struggling with under steer even when the wheel is on 270° (1 flash of the light), it doesn't seem there is much difference between 270° and 1080° wheel rotation

    Any help would be appreciated!!
  2. :O_o:what?
  3. I wish I had T300 steering problems too, given that the game hasn't been released yet...
  4. But it is out now. My son received his Xbox one copy this morning.

    ps, he's not a happy bunny. He says its not as good as the 2011 version which he says was the best of all. I liked the 2013 version my self.
  5. TeSL9

    Pessimistic (rarely flying) Finn :) Premium Member

    It's supposed to have a 360 degrees turning hard coded to the game.
  6. Jamie-Lee Mayers

    Jamie-Lee Mayers
    Just Another Racer Premium Member

    It is if you get the game from the right places lol, as for the steering feel with the wheel im not that comfortable myself. Going through some of the corners in Mexico it just feels like you run out of lock regardless of anything you do. Just gotta play around with some settings I guess.
  7. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff Member

    Just in case, did you read the sticky?

    It's not full of detail, but perhaps your feeling of understeer can be tweaked out

  8. Fred I got it Wednesday morning, online feature was not available though.
    TeSL9 I thought it would be something like that, no matter what rotation I use there is no change, it's not very good though. I like very responsive steering, like 90 degrees full lock
    Jamie-Lee Mayers I think maybe the car setup might improve it, as I said though I'm not too good with the setups so I'll have to try a few from on here when they start getting posted. If you find any tips please let me know
  9. Thanks mate, I've just had a look. I will try it out tomorrow when I get home from work. I think adjusting the saturation might sort out the problem
  10. On my tx wheel, I like 60% force feedback on the driver, 270° DOR and 80/80/60 in game settings for force feedback, 0 on all advanced wheel settings.
  11. jimortality

    Premium Member

    How does that feel?
  12. Hy People. ..can i help me...Im a new entry in f1 2015 for ps4... i have thrustmaster t300rs f1 add on ...can i Tell me General setting Basic for wheel? Force feedback ..steering Brake saturation. ..ecc ecc thx man
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  13. Hi all I'm a no assist user on a t300 and on this game I seem to notice that pad as a massive advantage over wheel users with no assist on. I seem to be between a sec to 2 slower each lap also I have a dead zone on my pedals which I can not alter due to there not being an option in wheel setting my times on time trail are very competitive and as I said my issues are with online anybody else experiencing issues like this

    I use t300 advance wheel setting everything on 0. Ffb settings 100 50 60 but 80. 50 80 is good also
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  14. Everything on 0 ffb setting 100 50 60 but 80 50 80 is nice too
  15. I just spent $900 in getting a console, wheel and new game setup. My wheel is a Thrustmaster - 300 Rs. Lovely game, lovely precision on the steering wheel, I just cannot get rid of about a 60 degree deadzone in the middle of the steering no matter which settings I use. This is totally ruining the game.. Does anybody know how to fix this? I have been using Fanatec wheels for years. First time on a thrustmaster
    I'm not familiar if there is only game settings, or there is game settings and wheel settings like prior f1 games and fanatec wheels.
  16. T300rs centering

    Hello everyone. I just picked up a thrustmaster t300rs to use with this game and I have been having a very hard time with centering. I center the wheel before starting the game and all is good. I skip the practice session and go straight to qualification. At this point the wheel is still centered. As soon as the race session begins, the wheel is no longer centered. I must press the PS button and center the wheel in the menu before going back into my race. Anyone else experiencing this issue? Unfortunately F1 is the only game I have for the moment since I wanted to see if I enjoy the t300rs enough before purchasing project cars.
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  17. Odds are that it's F1 2015 that's the problem, not this wheel.
    A lot of wheels have shown problems like the one you describe with this latest opus of CM's... join the club. :(