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F1 2015 Thrustmaster T100 settings

Discussion in 'F1 2015 - The Game' started by IcemanRacing, Jul 10, 2015.

  1. the game crashes when my thrustmaster t100 wheel and pedals are plugged in can anyone help plz
  2. Happens the same to me, it works fine until i connect my T100, then it crashes and kicks me out of the game
  3. Have you tried booting up the game with the wheel already plugged in?

    Generally games need the wheel plugged in before booting so that it recognises it
  4. Yes, that's the first thing I tried, it kicks me before the introduction video. I hope they patch it soon because I really want to play hahahaha
  5. Try installing it again, the thrustmaster T100 works fine over here.
    Advanced Wheel Settings:
    Steering Deadzone: 1
    Steering Linearity: 20
    Steering Saturation: 37 (0% is 360 degrees, 100% is 120 degrees rotation)
  6. installing the game or the wheel and how do you reinstall a steam game
  7. I'm playing this game on PS4, I understand you're playing on a PC?
  8. Disable Steam Big Picture mode.
  9. I bought a Thrustmaster T100 specially for this game and now it crashed on selection screen of 2014 or 2015 season.
    When I start the game without the wheel it's fine. with wheel plugged in it crashed.
    Any solution?
  10. got the steering wheel working now but with your setting the steering still is far too nervous. Can't keep the car on the straight, little turning reults in major turning in the game. Any solution?
  11. I now have set the dead zone to 1 linearity 60!!! and saturation 0. Still very difficult to keep in a straight line
  12. You could try to set the dead zone to 2? (it just responds later when steering)
    I have to say it's difficult to keep it straight yes, but it's nice in the bends.
    I don't know about the linearity, it was just a guess and it worked fine for me, setting it higher could be nice, I'll try it. I know my settings aren't perfect, but already a lot better than the defaults ;)
    Regarding the saturation; I have read somewhere that 0 is for steering wheels with a rotation of 360 degrees and 100 for 120 degrees. As the T100 has a rotation of 270 degrees I think you really have to use that option at 37(.5), maybe in combination with the higher linearity you said before.
    When you've found the right settings please let me know.
  13. I use these settings
    Dead zone 2
    Linerity 70
    Saturation 0
    All the rest 0

    Force settings
    Try that ;)
  14. hi

    that works okay for me too. Can you maybe let me know which settings u used in F1 2014?

  15. Same setup