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F1 2015 - Patch 8 - Released August 27th

Discussion in 'F1 2015 - The Game' started by Graham Laing, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff Member


    A new F1 2015 PC Patch 8 has gone live today on steam

    We just set live a small patch for F1 2015, below are the patch notes.
    • Fixed the AI not using DRS and running lean fuel mix for the first two sectors in One-Shot Qualifying sessions.
    • Fixed an issue which caused the AI to run in to the back of other cars.
    • Fixed an issue which caused the AI to pit too frequently in some circumstances.
    • Advanced Wheel Settings are now unlocked for all controllers.
    • Removed the restriction from the Beginner Introduction hopper.
    • Fixed the countdown timer in hoppers so it always starts at 60 seconds in between sessions.
    • Removed cars that are not present in Qualifying 2 and 3 from the mini-map.
    • Fixed a number of issues with multi monitor support.
    All patch details and additional game info can be found in the sticky thread here
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  2. So they fixed a bunch of stuff they broke in the last patch. The question is, what did they break with this one? :roflmao:
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  3. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff Member



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  4. What have they done .................................... I now get passed by the whole field on the straights
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  5. Somethings wrong now , Where I was hitting 220mph @ Spa along the main straight I now only get 193mph before the breaking zone with the same setup...............
    Don't think its throttle setting , just seems to be holding back now :(
    Is it possible to roll back to patch 7 ???
  6. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff Member

    Only if you kept a copy of the F1 2015 folder (or just the files that have changed). You would have to copy them back into Steam and turn off auto-updates for this game in Steam.

    Or backup files maybe kept in your file history, if switched on for the drive that the game is stored on.

    Control Panel > File History
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  7. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff Member

    Files changed in this Patch :-

    F1 2015\asset_groups\f1_2014_ui_package\flow_persistent.assetgroup
    F1 2015\asset_groups\f1_2015_ui_package\flow_persistent.assetgroup
    F1 2015\shader_package\avsm.nefx2.sm5.erp
    F1 2015\ui_package\art\screens\persistent_screen\persistent_screen.emb.default.erp
    F1 2015\ui_package\art\screens\persistent_screen\persistent_screen.idf.erp
    F1 2015\ui_package\databases\network.uidb.erp
    F1 2015\ui_package\databases\player_data.uidb.erp
    F1 2015\ui_package\databases\ui_data.uidb.erp
    F1 2015\ui_package\screens\multiplayer_hopper_select.ui.erp
    F1 2015\ui_package\screens\options_controls.ui.erp
    F1 2015\ui_package\screens\persistent.ui.erp
    F1 2015\ui_package\screens\replay.ui.erp
    F1 2015\F1_2015.exe
    F1 2015\game.dat
    It looks like they are preparing for PC voice control etc.

    New files added by this patch :-

    F1 2015\audio\soundbanks_hq F1 2015\audio\soundbanks_hq\aero.bnk
    F1 2015\audio\soundbanks_hq\animations.bnk
    F1 2015\audio\soundbanks_hq\collisions_generic.bnk F1 2015\audio\soundbanks_hq\collisions_particle.bnk
    F1 2015\audio\soundbanks_hq\crowds.bnk
    F1 2015\audio\soundbanks_hq\damage_wheel.bnk
    F1 2015\audio\soundbanks_hq\detonations.bnk
    F1 2015\audio\soundbanks_hq\engines.bnk
    F1 2015\audio\soundbanks_hq\env_garage.bnk
    F1 2015\audio\soundbanks_hq\env_weather.bnk
    F1 2015\audio\soundbanks_hq\environments.bnk
    F1 2015\audio\soundbanks_hq\external_input.bnk
    F1 2015\audio\soundbanks_hq\Init.bnk
    F1 2015\audio\soundbanks_hq\mech_common.bnk
    F1 2015\audio\soundbanks_hq\music_boot.bnk
    F1 2015\audio\soundbanks_hq\music_events.bnk
    F1 2015\audio\soundbanks_hq\music_frontend.bnk
    F1 2015\audio\soundbanks_hq\music_loading.bnk
    F1 2015\audio\soundbanks_hq\music_persistent.bnk
    F1 2015\audio\soundbanks_hq\music_replay.bnk
    F1 2015\audio\soundbanks_hq\music_track.bnk
    F1 2015\audio\soundbanks_hq\reflections.bnk
    F1 2015\audio\soundbanks_hq\replay.bnk
    F1 2015\audio\soundbanks_hq\speech.bnk
    F1 2015\audio\soundbanks_hq\surfaces.bnk
    F1 2015\audio\soundbanks_hq\ui_boot.bnk
    F1 2015\audio\soundbanks_hq\ui_frontend.bnk
    F1 2015\audio\soundbanks_hq\ui_persistent.bnk
    F1 2015\audio\soundbanks_hq\ui_smart_screen.bnk
    F1 2015\audio\soundbanks_hq\ui_track.bnk
    F1 2015\installers
    F1 2015\installers\application.vdf
    F1 2015\installers\audio_en.vdf
    F1 2015\installers\MSKinectLangPack_enAU.msi
    F1 2015\installers\MSKinectLangPack_enCA.msi
    F1 2015\installers\MSKinectLangPack_enGB.msi
    F1 2015\installers\MSKinectLangPack_enUS.msi
    F1 2015\installers\x64_SpeechPlatformRuntime.msi
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  8. Well that was a great patch !! Now my V2 has no FFB ! And yes it works whit all my other games . I was so happy when they fixed the deadzone probllem , now this . Back to F1 2013 for me , until the next patch , that or i should get a life , i think i will get a life what could go wrong !!!
  9. Patches from CM come under the heading:

    "Be careful what you wish for!"

    CM Programmers:

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  10. Lol yes ! Everytime there is a patch for this thing its like defusing a bomb , your just hoping its not going to blow up and BOOM !
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  11. "Fixed an issue which caused the AI to pit too frequently in some circumstances."

    No they did not. This problem is very much still there. Code"masters" are incompetent. Many of the cars will stop upwards of ten times. Maybe next time they'll actually test their patches to confirm what they're claiming to fix is actually fixed.
  12. Yeah, I'm pretty sure these guys left at CM Birmingham have absolutely no idea what they're doing anymore. Literally a laughing stock right now. Everything they do just further ruins their reputation.
  13. From all accounts the management gave them unrealistic goals and put out all the hype for this game, then told the programmers get it done by this date when they had no hope at all of doing so. When it wasn't ready they just released what they had and hoped for the best as I'm sure no decent programmer would even think of letting this out in the state it's in.
  14. where can i download this patch?
    I need the other 7 pathes to install the number 8?
  15. Steam does it automatically. Nothing for you to do.
  16. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff Member

  17. thanks, I will download updates.
    But I want to know if, with this 8 patch, I will be able to set the "Advanced Wheel Settings" also with the joystick, or this task is possible only with steering wheel?
    I need that updated just for setup the steering deadzone, saturation and linearity for the joystick....
  18. Another question: now I have a limited internet access (few MB per day). Let me know if I can download just the PATHC 8 or do I download them all? In this case I would have some difficulty.
  19. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff Member

    All I know is what it says in the patch notes for each patch in the thread I linked to. As I don't use a controller, I can't tell you what you want.

    Also you cannot download individual patches, it's the latest patch or nothing via Steam.
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  20. "Advanced Wheel Settings" was initially just for steering wheels, but a later patch opened up these settings to also be used for gamepad (well, the xbox 360 pad anyways, don't know about other gamepads).
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