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F1 2015 Logitech G25 / G27 / DFGT settings

Discussion in 'F1 2015 - The Game' started by Poo', Jul 10, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone
    I got a dfgt wheel but cant feel any FFB in game. I have 65% overrall in driver and 100% in game. I try 900' and 360' but nothing helped.
    What should I do?
  2. There's MASSIVE deadzone on the G27 out of the box, trying to work out the ideal settings still.
  3. I moved 65%-100% overrall in diver and bring some FFB back;)
  4. Keith Dixon

    Keith Dixon

    The throttle deadzone is getting me, I'm having to press it half way before I get anything
  5. I do not have a deadzone but i do not use the logitech game configurator. just plug the g27 and select it ingame. nothing else. try that maybe it will help.
  6. Hello,
    I have a Logitech Driving Force GT and when I turn the wheel 90° in Real, ingame it went up to 180°. Has anyone found a configuration which is "raceable" I can't find one.
  7. Keith Dixon

    Keith Dixon

    Switching it off just kills the FFB for me, I'm starting to get there now anyway, I'm adjusting to the pedals and I've got the steering at 900 with a saturation of 60 which seems pretty good
  8. Keith Dixon

    Keith Dixon

    With regards the FFB it actually started working as it should after I hit a barrier at Monaco, it must have reset or something as I had to turn it right down after that
  9. Lazarou


    Does anyone know how to reset it when you have made a custom profile, mine is completely messed up but I cant find a revert to default option.
  10. FFB doesn't seem to work...
  11. When I used the logitech profiler for my g27 the wheel really didn't work well at all. Whatever settings I tried. When I instead started the game from steam, or from the desktop. I didn't have to change any settings, though I did increase the steering saturation a bit like 20% I think, no DZ, and just 1% for throttle. My brake is kinda messed up so I usually place 10% dz on the brake but 5 where enough for me though 1% would be more normal I guess.
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  12. I have a G25 and I have the profiler setup to use 360* rotation and allow game to modify settings.

    Then ingame I have 100% ,100% , 65% respectively for the sliders. Wheel works 1:1 and force feedback seems fine for me.

    There is a odd bug whereby when you first receive control of the car from the autodrive/pit exit the wheel feels dead until to jerk it into a direction. After that it works fine.
  13. I have my G27 at 375 (which is actually 360) and the movement of the wheel is accurate with the ingame wheel.
    The problem is the FFB is dead in the center, that is a common thing for a G27, but in F1 2015 the dead zone is freaking huge, bigger than i've ever seen.

    New problem btw, the downshifts don't respond in time.
  14. Can't you try without the profiler then? Works without any problems for me atleast.
  15. One thing I noticed is that the game automatically set my wheel as a "g29"

    I changed it over to g27

    Logitech profiler is set to 330 degrees

    Have only messed with ingame settings a little but the deadzone seems way off. If you set it to 0 then the steering is super sensitive if you set it to 1 it's like 2-4 degrees of nothingness.

    FFB on the deadzone is huge to Hopefully it will get patched
  16. I don't know if my G27 was recognized as 29 or not but ingame in the settings, when I switched from keyboard to wheel it was set to g29 and I changed it to 27, but then I changed all keybinding to the wheel anyhow so didn't matter much.

    When I used the Profiler, the wheel was SUPER sensitive. But without it, its not. and deadzones are perfect, don't understand the issues but I hope you can solve it if it doesn't work without the profiler.
  17. What do you mean without the profiler, uninstall it?
  18. btk150

    2D God

    Do NOT unisntall the profiler, profilers are made so the wheel actually works, without it the wheel is buged in game
  19. I know, that's why i'm confused at his suggestion...

    Does he even understand that it's still working even if it's not open in the desktop?
    Is this a kind of placebo effect for some?
  20. Hello everyone,
    I use a G27 and I've got a huge bug!
    When I start the game go to time trial start a session FFB work fine but if I paused and choose restart session the FFB don't work anymore!
    Someone have the same?