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F1 2014 on Next Gen Consoles, will PC benefit?

Discussion in 'F1 2014 - The Game' started by Bram, Feb 16, 2014.

  1. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    I haven't read the hardware specs anywhere yet, but I can imagine that CM will release F1 2014 on the new consoles Xbox One (why not Xbox Four? :whistling:) and PS4.

    With their improved graphics and more powerful processors will this result in a next gen game for the PC as well?

    Graphicwise the F1 series have always looked okay to me but on the handling and physics side there has been a steep decline since 2010. Hopefully the 2014 will be an improvement again. Hardware can't be a limitation anymore.
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  2. The Question is are they going to build a new engine or develop the Current EGO vastly to suit 2014 rules
  3. They did state they had a lot planned for next gen.

    I would wait a year or two. Till they can justify excluding the Xbox 360 and PS3 from their development priorities.
  4. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    So 2014 is still being developed for the old gen consoles?
  5. They might go for PS4 and X1 but until they officially say the Game is developed Exclusively for Next Gen Consoles, We will have same issues.
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  6. I think not only next-gen consoles will benefit to this but also the PC players too. Of course, games are mostly developed in PC's before they are shortly ported to the consoles. And in fact, I don't see any reason why most of the game developers do that until now. They haven't even harnessed the potential of the PC gaming system to unleash more graphical features that will really keep me playing F1 games right now.
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  7. I'm sure Steve said that 2014 won't be next gen. I'll check if I can find the tweet.
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  8. I think it's time for Codemasters to step up their game with the release of the next gen's anyway. But it's still up to them if they will decide the next F1 game for next gen or still in current gens.
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  9. QuangMinh#93

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Maybe they should use Unreal Engine or CryEngine even we always see that on action game only :D
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  10. sure i read some were end of last year that the are making it for the xbox 1 and new station cause the said the can do a lot more with the new consoles were the 360 and station 3 the cannot do much more with them
  11. My 50 cents:

    I think the reason why F1 2013 has been a disappointment is because their focus was elsewhere. They had to add a whole new aspect to the game, which was the classic cars, and this must have taken them lots of time to make; time that could have been spent elsewhere.

    I also think that they had in their mind that their next game (F1 2014) would be on the next-gen consoles, and therefore no need to go all the way with new features in 2013. This is also one of the reasons they got dislinked with their sponsors for their community website (i think it was on purpose. It doesn't take that much time to get a new website up and running for a community site). I hope and think 2014 will be a good year game-wise.

    The PC will of course benefit from the next-gen consoles and the F1 2014 game. It's like when PS3 came out, FIFA got a LOT better on the consoles, and also on PC's. The next-gen's will give PC users a lot better games in the future, and it's quite exciting.

    Personally I have a few pointers to how the 2014 game can be a lot better:
    1: Codemasters need to focus more on 2014 content rather than more classic content. The 2014 content is just much more important, and no leagues are racing in classic. Their counter-argument would be that they would lose a lot of casual players, if no new content is improved or even added, but if the 2014 content is getting better, the online community will be bigger, where as the sprint races will work again (no one is playing online any more, it's really empty on both PS3 and PC's compared to 2012).

    2: Career... Where should i start.. This is such a big aspect of the game, which a lot of drivers are playing. If it were a little better, i think all users of F1 2014 would use it. It needs a bit more variety and some more things to do. Some users said they would love to have the possibility to create their own team, or to take over an old/current team, and develop parts and such: this is not possible for Codemasters, as they have a license they must respect. Codemasters are making the official game of Formula 1, and if they allow users to create their own team, it would be against the FIA license which has been given to them. But still, career needs some more improving, since this is key to the game. A big feature.

    3: Well the handling in 2013 is actually okay, but we still need better Force Feedback (wheel users). The way the car feels is great, but compared to real Formula 1, it's ridiculous. For example, if you look at how hard a real F1 driver can turn his wheel, you will notice the difference from real world to the game. These kind of things annoy the hardcore fans, and they are easy to fix, and they need to be fixed.

    4: AI: .... they are seriously stupid... The big screw-ups they make, are 1st lap retardness and blocking while hotlapping during qualifying.
    Anything else about them? Well yes.. take a drive, and you'll see all the errors in just one race. It's like Codemasters don't even try their own game, and if they do, they must ignore the bad factors, and try again next year.

    If modders can make the AI better, you can too with patches, Codies!

    5: Community: Codemasters needs to listen to their community! The tire wear this year has been fun and real-to-life, but there are one to three tracks which are way off. The tire wear is just not as it's supposed to be on tracks like Nürburgring and Hungary. People has posted this but no answer.

    Generally people has come up with a lot of great ideas to patches or upcoming games, and no answer from Codemasters.

    Please log on to Blizzards game websites and take a look how often an admin responds to what the users have to say. They do it A LOT!.. No wonder Blizzard is such a huge company.

    I have a lot more points and ideas to the F1 2014 game, but i see no reason to post them, as Codemasters won't read it.

    To sum up: Yes! PC will benefit from next-gen consoles graphic wise. Handling and in-game features will be the same development.
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  12. Out of curiosity would you mind expanding your thoughts?

    I remember thinking 2010 was decent and 2011 was atrocious, full lock every corner, flying over the curbs... but 12 and 13 have been evolutions compared to that imo (the car need some entry twitchness urgently though).
    Granted at this point i don't remember how they compare to 2010, so i would like to hear your opinion on the physics of the series.
  13. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    F1 2010 was from my experience more challenging than the later titles which are too easy to control.

    I really miss the oversteer that you have in other racing titles.
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  14. Eric Jaeger

    Eric Jaeger
    2012 GP2 Champion

    Have no fear Bram. Looking at how the real f1 cars are behaving, you'll be able to counter steer till your hearts content
  15. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    The 2014 cars have lots of potential indeed when they are recreated properly.

    Just need to add a V12 sound mod to replace the horrible engine sounds :)
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  16. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    Are you whining @Bram Hengeveld or is that the sound of your new turbocharger? :p:whistling:
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  17. I can't see CM dropping current gen support with such a large install base out there for the next release. Maybe a couple of years down the road. So any changes/improvements will be slow to come and not suddenly with the next release.
  18. i think you are right
  19. i think they could put some tweaks (fp 1&2 and other things that the community wants, that hardware can't really limit)
  20. I believe CM will (or at least should) take example from what EA had the NASCAR devs do back in 2005-2009. Have the last gen hardware receive skin updates and the new tracks in the old engine and have it be more of a small update on the previous title, while the next gen (+ PC in our case) get a complete overhaul on a new engine.

    This would be a great step for CM and F1 with the new rules and regulations in the real sport, and this being the 5th edition in the series, it is the perfect time to overhaul the game. Having driving physics that actually feel like a car would be nice (unlike 2012 and 2013 editions :whistling:). Also changing the career mode to have that "live the life" feeling of what 2010 and 2011 had might work better with the new engine, although this is a bit less concerning for me as having a great racing experience needs to be top priority.

    It just seems to me like this is the time to give it their all on the title as it seems to be a crucial time and 2013 was sub-par to be honest.