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Misc F1 2014 McLaren Honda Race Suit FINAL HD

McLaren Honda Race Suit of 2015 Drivers

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  2. THANK YOU!!!!!
  3. thanks. nicely done.:cool:
  4. sorry I have another question, I thought the idiot gloves Hamilton would fit, I'm going with Magnussen at Mc Laren, now I have deleted unfortunately my Magnussen (higbody_gloveskevin_magnussen) file and I Copies of Hamilton, unfortunately that does not work, can now no longer drive my career, could you please upload this to me, sorry I should not try as Moder me if you can not;-(

    Greetings Stefan
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  5. I don't understand what are you trying to say. And what's with the "idiot"?
  6. Anymore requests?
  7. sound mod for honda engine only maybe?
    sorry im a big mclaren fan
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  8. I'm the idiot, I wanted the gloves from Hamilton to her suit, and I Tried to insert the gloves, now I have deleted Magnussen gloves, looking for someone who can send me the original file higbody_gloveskevin_magnussen
  9. just re install f1 2014 and make a backup folder
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  10. Sorry i don't mod sounds.
  11. what program do you use to open .lng files?
  12. what .lng
  13. I play it with this suit with Alonso and when I won the Race by Loading Screen where he gets out from the Car,it showed on the front of the suit Santander advertising and helmet was in the race the Mercedes helmet but by loading screen the 2015 Helmet.I hope you understand me...sorry for bad English!
  14. language_eng.lng files like this
  15. Any pics?
  16. The problem are that this was a shortly moment to made Screenshot,just when he gets out from the car...