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Misc F1 2014 Interior update 1.2

Multiple changes to Interiors

  1. redscorp99 submitted a new resource:

    F1 2014 Interior update - Multiple changes to Interiors

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  2. Sorry was in a rush had things to do
    Credits to F1 Pole
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  3. Will have other mods released soon.
    I prefer not to do requests since it takes me ages to get something done and have school.
    This mod is not mine made by F1 Pole
  4. Don't like the fact there's an exe file. Who knows whats in it.
    And F1pole.de has stolen some mods from here in the previous f1 games.
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  5. Would you like me to convert it from an exe to files
  6. That would make it a lot more trustworthy to download
  7. I will see what i can do
  8. i am currently updating it might take a bit of time
  9. It's working fine for me
  10. So when f1pole steals stuff from RD and people release stuff from f1pole at RD, where and what's the original?
    Oh, wait, out of 40 mods f1pole modifies own stuff (usually based on stolen work, though).
    No matter if .exe clean and working or not. No support for f1pole, no download of such mods at all.
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  11. redscorp99 updated F1 2014 Interior update with a new update entry:

    Instead of untrustworthy .exe I have changed it to ordinary files

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  12. why on earth? do you upload stolen work here? F1 Pole do nothing on his own and says "We have done it" when you understand what iam say ^^
  13. Ja i do but i never knew they were stealing work.