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F1 2014 Improving your pace...

Discussion in 'F1 2014 - The Game' started by CalumJohnson7, Nov 9, 2014.

  1. I'm just wandering whether anyone has any tips or hints for the driving style on this game. My overall pace has always been good in previous F1 games but I'm struggling on this one. If anyone has any throttle/brake control tips, setup tips and also tips on how to quickly improve when racing line is off.

    My pace in qualifying is quite bad on this game (I'm almost always getting out-qualified by my team mate in career) but race pace is just on the edge of being competitive.
  2. Hm a few things I can suggest, never ever use 1st gear lol, the back end just kicks out whenever I use it (except in monaco after Mirabeau). For every slow corner, use 2nd gear instead of 1st, helps with the traction and lap time.
    Also, a thing that I always do, put in lean mix 1 for the sector of the lap where there are most corners, and mix 3 on the straights. It helps when there's a Mercedes powered team in front.
    Try to drive like Button, cause it seems to pay a lot in this game, brake at the same time steer. Try to find the perfect balance to steering and braking, because when you brake, you are using the grip of the tires and if you try to brake too much and steer, you'll have understeer and it'll affect your competitiveness. Once you find the balance I think you should be good.
    Also, be smooth. It may appear like you're driving slowly but you're not, smoothness not only gives better pace but better tyre wear as well :)
  3. Thanks, I'm going to try that out right now! :thumbsup:
  4. I've just found that if you set off at max revs in rich mix and then change to 2nd gear as soon as you set off then you get a really good start with no wheelspin. (I have TC on medium)
  5. Another thing, why does my rear start to slide out when I'm going through corners like turn 1 at Malaysia?
  6. Are you in 1st gear? This might explain it.
    It can be due to your setup as well
  7. No I don't use first gear. It might be the rear wheels locking because i have my brakes at 48%-52%.
    Apart from the brakes locking I can't think of anything else....
  8. Yeah its probably due to the brakes locking. I play in 59-41, and It is an absolute treat. :) Try it
  9. Is that 59 at the front?
  10. Yes it is the front :), It is my driving style anyway, perhaps yours is different. But as you're struggling, try 59-41 and switch it to the back for the rest of the lap if you cannot deal with the 59% at the front.
  11. I'll try it now :)
  12. Foot control

    Set your throttle saturation to 80 %, drive for an hour or so, and then set it back to normal. Your right foot will now be silky smooth, big bush. With saturation on 80 %, the throttle is way more sensitive/comes on earlier on the throttle, and therefore you have to be careful, which makes you used to driving with a smooth rear end when putting the saturation back to what you used to drive with.


    And no, you should never use 59 % front, that is just ridiculous.
    Somewhere between 47 % / 53 % is good, but don't overdo it. You will never be fast with the other.
    You can actually use large brake discs (online and GP mode), because it's really hard to lock the brakes, and with large discs makes you brake crazy late, which is awesome.

    I always use:
    48 / 52


    According to the back end, try this suspension. It's awesome for racepace, but you might lose a tenth or two in qualy, but that doesn't matter. It's not in the qualy you'll get the points. And here I'm talking about League racing

    Ride height:
    Front: 11 (more top speed)
    Back: 1

    Front: 11
    Back: 1 (more traction at the rear)

    Racing lines

    According to driving without racing lines? The only way to get better at it, is to just take them off, and just drive away. Practice makes master. You will actually be faster without them, when you get good at it, because the racing line is not the fastest (especially when thinking about traction).

    Fuel strategy

    My fuel strategy when driving league races is to use:
    Lean mix: Use it for low traction zones, which means corners and corner-exits with low gears. It both helps your fuel useage, and your laptimes actually, because your backend will be way more stable.

    Rich mix: Just before a long straight, go into rich mix (but wait until you are in 2nd or 3rd gear, else you might get wheelspin).

    Standard mix: Use this in all other scenarios other than the two above. But only use it so you can keep your fuel the whole race.

    It takes a bit of time getting used to switching between the fuel modes all the time during a lap, but it will give you so much pace.

    In qualifying, you can use rich mix all the way, due to low fuel, which makes the car more stable.


    If your rear steps out at first corner on Malaysia, it may not be due to the brakes. Try the suspension I told you, and then stay in 3rd gear.

    Also if you change down the gears too fast, the car will step out.
    Remember: Practice makes master! Drive in a online league, it's way fun, and you learn a lot.
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  13. Thanks, I'll try all of that apart from the steering wheel setups (I don't have a wheel) when I get home on sunday and then I'll get back to you to let you know how it goes. \i find expert is too easy but legend is just that little bit out of reach.
  14. You can always send me a message, i will gladly answer all questions you might have to get better at racing.
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