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F1 2014 - Ideas and Wish List

Discussion in 'F1 2014 - The Game' started by Kartik Sri Harsha, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. With the 2014 Season going to start with in 40 days its better to start this thread now,
    Pour your Ideas and Wishes here and Lets hope we get a bit better game
  2. 1. The All new Rules of 2014 Season isn't going to be easy for the Dev team to develop but its the Best time to re-introduce FP1 and FP2 sessions.
    2. ERS is not any more push button like KERS so a condition like Fuel Mix to use best output.
    3. Pre Season Test atleast one Test that allows to get the players to interact the 2014 cars like YDT but having more objectives unlike Small tests which we have now.
    4. Objectives for FP 1&2 and introducing different kinds of Runs
    5. Fixing AI to not block the Players or other AI cars on hot laps by creating a off line along with Racing line to let other cars which are in Hot lap.
    6. Introducing backing off mechanism with certain amount of time for each kind of tier to have a gap to start a Run. (Mc need to get atleast 4-5 sec behind the merc or RBR or SF and 8-10 sec behind Marussia to have a free space and to start a Run )
    7. A Clear weather system is certainly needed Q1 is 100% wet but Q2 is 100% Dry with a Complete Dry track is not possible. Also allowing players to adjust weather settings to have races like Silverstone 2011 or Malaysia 2013 would be fun (Wet track but Dry Conditions)
    8. Most Important Unreliability factor. In Career Mode there is nothing impressive as the Player car is the most reliable. By Introducing Gearbox , MGU-K/H and Engine Wears make the cars unreliable .
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  3. Joel


    I would just love to have it so that when you go to career, you actually win money. And with that money you can buy new engines for the next season. For example going for a Ferrari engine instead of a Renault engine. It would be even cooler if Cosworth could be brought back... So that if you're just not doing well and not getting any money, you have to go for that.
  4. Idea #1:Dump CM altogether and find another dev.That would be good for the game.
    Well make the game more tech type rather than just sliders to setup the car.I mean F1 is the pinnacle.
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  5. Fp1 and 2
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  6. A real effort into online play and penaltys.
    Touching side pods and spinning with no fault of your own is the most rage inducing action the game gives you, then they hand you a penalty to really ruin your race.
    Also I have no idea how they can do this but they need to exterminate the drivers online that never drive clean...
    Rant over :D
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  7. 1. Realistic steering! Not ~120 degrees like in the F1 2013, but ~200! Watch f1 videos and make it REAL. Thats a shame.
    2. The sounds. Buyers needs real sounds too guys.
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  8. Bring back FP1 + FP2 - With differing objectives throughout the sessions. No idea why they dropped that aspect the last couple of years? (idiots?) I used to revel in the lengthy process of learning a track, figuring out a setup, adjusting for tyre wear, track evolution, weather and trying to conserve engine use over the whole season. If I don't want to play FP1/2 I can just use skip session. :p

    Pit Stops - Player controlled pit stops so there is a chance of a mistake which will cost time. Also not waiting for EVERY car to go past when the pitlane is busy, it is freaking ridiculous how long they wait to release you sometimes.

    Pit Stop Practice in FP and Q, - A quick change of tyres and straight back on track. This would also be a chance to hone your player controlled pit stop technique.

    More immersion in the career mode - Podiums! Including anthems, and of course, the champaaaaaagne :) Bring back (though heavily reworked) the press conferences and paddock interviews. Make the players decisions when answering the press have a direct effect on what teams become either more or less interested in you. Make the questioning more dynamic, I don't want to answer the same questions over and over. Again this was dropped out of the game from previous releases, If developed decently, this could have a huge impact on the career experience.

    Warm up lap / Starts - Heating the tyres up to optimum levels could result in a optimum start. Generally, this would make the start more intense and create better immersion. Having a player controlled starting procedure would be cool.

    Commentary - What I would give to have Murray Walker commentating on my races! HA! but seriously, bring Crofty and Brundle in and I would be very happy :)

    Engineer - Needs to give more dynamic advice and information during all sessions, not just rinse and repeat. He could have a general knowledge on what kind of setup suits the track/conditions and what kind of runs to do on different tyres/fuel loads. During the races he should not talk you when you are in a wheel to wheel battle or navigating a series of corners unless it is CRITICAL information

    AI in wet weather - There needs to be some teams taking gambles/risks. I don't want ALL of the cars coming in on the SAME (ideal) lap to pit for the SAME (ideal) tyres, in real life AT LEAST one team will gamble on the tyres/strategies in changeable conditions.

    Safety Car - Though the frequency of it being deployed is debatable season to season, cars that stop on the track, debris on the racing line, extreme wet weather and big accidents should all bring out the SC by default.
    Too many times have I seen multi car crashes and the yellow flag is out for not even a lap, by the time I get around to the crash site there is no debris/wreckage just nothing, wouldn't even know there was an accident 90 seconds ago!
    Also, the AI needs to take advantage of pitstops during the safety car period, at the moment it seems that all teams will pit on pre destined strategies, this needs a more dynamic approach, again at least one team will be gambling and more often than not it is just common sense.

    Release a complete game - Every year there seems to be a major game-breaking bug on release. Surely beta-testing would have found these along with most other bugs pretty quickly. Patches, fixes, and workarounds suck. I'd rather them be focusing on quality DLC throughout the yearly cycle of the releases.
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  9. Then I guess.You need need to be an F1 driver.
    Dude seriously Commentary?? U want Brundle praising Slowmilton when U race ? hehe
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  10. That's a lot of hopes for a company who can't even organize a new forum in the space of nearly two months.

    This would be the top of my wishlist.
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  11. My list is based off my own ideas plus other's I liked. Some incorporated from this very thread!

    Driver Market- End of the season, other drivers may change teams as well. Make these changes based on their performance each season. Also, if you defeat a rival you now replace the number two driver. Doesn't make sense If I beat Alonso but Ferrari still keeps Massa.

    Replays Editor- At the very least give us the ability to save our replays. Going further let us record replays in game the way we want it. For example, you can place a camera anywhere and record from that perspective. The default cameras are good, but If I wish to capture a neat overtake I want to get it from multiple viewpoints. Allow us to spectate any car in the race. Also, within the replays give us the option to look at each car's sector times and lap times.

    Customizable Helmets- Give us a helmet editor. Let us create our own designs. Also, at the start let us pick our driver numbers.

    New Cutscenes- I'm tired of watching the same ones. Have more variety. It gets boring watching the same engineer berate me to hell after the race.

    Post Race interviews- This doesn't do much but does help that feeling of immersion. Have multiple questions based on how the race went. Different ones for incidents etc...

    Improved AI- 2013 was a major improvement but they still back out of most manoeuvres. Also, they brake too early for some corners. Also, fix their lap 1 performance.

    Fix online- Too many connectivity and lag issues.

    Coop Career changes- Allow us to add more people? Maybe a maximum of four? Also allow us to be on different teams?

    Helmet Cam- Ever play NFS: Shift 2? I really liked the helmet cam. Maybe Codemasters can come up with their own iteration. As long as you still have the regular cockpit view :p. This is not a want for 2014, but somewhere down the line I would like to see this implemented.

    Fix the Penalty System- Corner cuts are broken. Most of the time I get away with them. Also, I should not get disqualified for a corner cut. Just was racing in Spa, leading the race. Having a clean race, lap 5 final corner, I brake too late and cut the corner. Give me a warning? Time penalty? Drive through penalty? No, I get disqualified. Same thing happened in Canada final lap. P3, chasing down Hamilton. Third corner cut of the race first corner. Bam, disqualified. Given it's the final lap, I should have got a time penalty!

    Improved Communication- I don't get much help from the race engineer. Especially frustrating is when you start a new stint on primes, but he still tells me I will have trouble catching the car on worn options.

    Warm Up Lap and False Starts- Have to do them right or pay the penalty. I understand some may not enjoy it so leave it as an optional consideration?
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  12. Changing weather conditions during a lap / race - It's not uncommon on tracks like Belgium, Austria, China, Japan and Malaysia to have it raining on certain parts of the track whilst other parts remain dry - makes your tyre choice all the more important.

    A full add-on "Legends" season with the "Old" versions of tracks like Kyalami, Monza, Nordschleife, San Marino and Spa, not just a few random cars and tracks - don't mind if it is a "pay-for" DLC pack.

    Real-life helmets, past and present, or at least a better design selection than what we had in F1 2013 with some real-life sponsors maybe.

    Easier modding of the game. Don't understand why developers believe this is robbing them of sales and income. If you look at some of the best-selling racing games over the last few years (GTR2, GT Legends, rFactor, Assetto Corsa) - all easy to mod and in my opinion, modability boosts sales, not curb it.
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  13. I would say dont bother releasing another f1 game to be honest you would think by now they would know what there doing with the games engine, but no last years game sucked online because of the low fps bug gives you more grip ruined the game online. the years game just as bad.
    Pointless Give it some one else that know how to make a good racing game, thats my rant over lol.
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  14. ...
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  15. ALL of that ^^^^^ @sniper420 & @jsn12 posted above, and:

    - REAL TV-like replay cameras, like EA did in the year 2000:

    WITH the ability 2:
    1: SAVE and REPLAY LATER, and
    2: BEING ABLE 2 switch the focus from the player's car 2 all the other cars 1 by 1.

    + Also: (BETTER SETUPS) & TELEMETRY (2002 example):

    + Also: Presentation of ALL the cars on the grid, not just 3, with an Enter-key option 2 cut it off short (like they've done since their first game).

    + Also: Animated PIT BOARDS while racing on track

    Did I say REAL TV-like replay cams?? EA was able to do that in 2000!!!!! Why the EGO bunch cannot do the same in 2010-2014????
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  16. Tracks-Laser scanned tracks like we have in AC:p
    Coop-In game telemetry and ability to share it with a friend.That would be awesome in coop.
    Race Engineer-Intelligent RE. Who gives you advises and suggestions about the race strategy and how to drive at certain parts of the race. We should hear "Box to overtake this lap " ;).And we want a selection of Types of RE.Like language accent,REs voice,REs talk frequency.I dont want RE talking much when driving in Monaco.
    Broken Components-We can see some components on the tracks but they vanish like magic.Ego 3.0 has the ability to handle those tasks.But I dont know why they were not using it in F1 2013.
    Hardware - Take full advantage of PS4 and Xbox one.They should ditch old gen systems.Because they were the reason which was holding up the games capability.
    UI-To be honest F1 2010 had the best UI.It was immersing you well in the F1 drivers life.
    RPG-CM should bring RPG components like we had in GT5.Like drivers endurance ability,quali ability.And training our driver according in to it career.

    All these would be awesome for the game.But does CM have enough time to add all these stuff? I hope so:D
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  17. I don't see how commentary would make the game better.I mean why you need voice when you are focused in a battle?
    And F1 drivers wont get commentary when they race.:laugh::laugh::laugh:.So your comment to being an F1 driver dont make sense.
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  18. Joel


    I think that the game should also have "dynamic" tracks. A little bit like the crash with Max Chilton and Pastor Maldonado (would be cool to see the games' wings change so that they're kinda pointing downwards after a crash. If that's the scenario). Basically some of the wall got "ripped" out, bringing a red flag. That should be implemented because even after a 150 hours of gameplay, I've never had a red flag...
  19. I uploaded a video to my youtube channel on my suggestions for the game around a week ago
    mod-edit: thats nice but we are a forum for written content, if you have nothing extra to add please post videos in the media gallery http://www.racedepartment.com/gallery/
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  20. Codemasters have to sort out the phantom car glitch first cos it's gettin' out of hand.
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