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Misc F1 2014 High LODS only 1.0

F1 2014, LOD improvements,

  1. M.R. submitted a new resource:

    F1 2014 High LOD´s only - F1 2014, LOD improvements,

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  2. Yay, a third highLOD mod! But why 54MB? Because: All the files are not needed.

    Sorry buddy, but I replaced vlasovas' mod last year already and made that tweak this time before someone would copy all highs to lows :D
    My mod has an edited raceload.jpk, a small file which has the same effect ;)
  3. Thanks, but it doesn't work out for me TBH.
    That's the reason why I made it this way
  4. I see. Well you are one of two from over 600 people where it's said to be not working like intended. I wonder why, though. There must be a specific reason, either the OS or hardware or combination or, or, or :D
    After all in my modification the game does not know about the _lowLOD.pssg files anymore at all :D That's really weird but be it like it is.
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  5. Is the file missing the lod's for SC2?
  6. Which skins can we add with this mod-- SD HD ? I know we can't use DHD..
  7. Yes SC2 is missing. I hate the Safty Car so i didn't need that :whistling:

    Why you shouldn't use DHD Skins? Works with all skin formats:thumbsup:
  8. Every time i install DHD with this mod the sym crash's ??
    Thanks for the reply ..
  9. I don't have any problems at all.
  10. Still having problems...
    If i use game cars with your mod everything works great..
    Once i try to install a modded car skin the game will crash with your mod??
    I'm using Ryder mod mgr and even re-installing your mod to the upgraded fill with out any luck?

    Any advice?
  11. No sorry
  12. Got it to work!
  13. Would me nice to know how you did that ;)
  14. Can this not be used with HD skins? I have a good PC but this plus HD skins just slows the whole thing down stupidly
  15. Sure it can. I has no problem at all.
    Got a i5 with a hd7870 ghz.
  16. Ive had a new computer yet it works a lot less successfully than my older spec computer? I had no issues there
  17. That is really strange.
    But sorry i can't help you:unsure:
  18. Fair enough
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  19. Is safety car working in game with this mod?
  20. Yes offcourse
    It's only with normal LOD's and not in with the highest quality (maybe);)