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F1 2013 The Game: Gameplay Videos

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by Bram, Jul 15, 2013.

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    F1 2013 The Game: Gameplay Videos

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  2. the sound when they change the gears, doesn't sound right at all :(
  3. And what's really new ? except that more nervous driving ?
    I really don't see any incredible differences, I was very excited before watching, but after watching I'm pretty disappointed.. and you, guys ? what do you think ?
  4. i think the real changes comes the next year with the new generation consoles, its like fifa games just changes the players and the uniform, in this case just changes the model cars and the drivers name... and some 80´s cars:)
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  5. Seems exactly the same as 2012??? Hope the modders can beef it up!

  6. If they improve the AI and handling (and we can't really judge based on videos) the game would be good enough for me. Of course adding stuff like telemetry would be perfect but I can't really expect that when one of the games' chief designers, Steve Hood, claims that the presence of THREE (poorly made) fuel mods is "for the hardcore F1 fans".
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  7. Well, people who played it at the reveal event, have said that the physics and handling have definitely improved and has gone more towards realism

    The classic cars look like great fun to drive.

    These hotlap videos are the ai driving, codies said.

    From the gameplay I've seen, i can definitely see a difference.
  8. Honestly I'm not sure this game is for "hardcore" F1 fans but more for casual F1 fans who want to drive something without the need of being a engineer. If you are a hardcore simracer just go for RF or RF2 or whatever else hardcore players play. I think it's important to mention that F1 2012 became gold before it's release date, why do you think they will change their approach?
  9. do you really expect a revolutionary game when this is the LAST game on the current Gen consoles before Next Gen consoles

  10. I never stated the game is for hardcore F1 fans. I was just pointing out the absurdity of Hood's claim that having 3 fuel modes is "hardcore" while a real F1 car has over 30 engine mappings and 20 torque mappings.

    And the game became gold (I assume you are referring to number of sold copies?) not because of Codemasters but because of the FORMULA ONE™ license. One of world's most popular sports and only one game in the whole gaming business dedicated to it - of course they will sell good.
  11. And it seems so much slower. It should be instant :(
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  12. Stoked for this game ! After watching a couple of gameplay videos the graphics seem to be improved a lot ! I also like the animation when you step in the car. Handling and so on seems way better too aswell as the menus and such.

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  14. Gameplay showing off the Replay in F1 2013 at Suzuka in the 1988 Williams FW12. (Cameras seem to look a lot better than previous F1 Codemaster games)

  15. Looks nice.

    One (kinda off topic) thing though: I'm PRETTY sure that the rear fan in the "fan car" was there just for the "sucking air out" part and its influence on acceleration or top speed of the car was negligible :D (or even balanced by the weight of the whole system and drag on the straights). The real benefits came from extra downforce through corners.
    Try sticking a room fan to a Veyron and see how much faster it'll go :laugh:
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  16. Animation when the driver get in his car is really good,but which shoes they wear...looks like converse:D:O_o:

  17. Yea thats what i thought about the "fan car" when i was watching the Video :p
  19. Here one of the classics with williams 1980
    fantastic ...
    finally in the mirror we see the spoiler and wheels