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F1 2013 Season Mod (W.I.P)

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by v1tek, Nov 6, 2012.

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  1. [​IMG]
    Mod 2013 for F1 2012 game
    Progress: WIP(99%)
    Release: Coming soon...
    Do not ask me about the release date!
    -All pilots 2013
    -All race cars 2013 (Author - LeoDSV)
    * HD resolution
    * Standard resolution
    -All helmets 2013
    1. Sebastian Vettel - mmpaw37
    2. Mark Webber - Gerald Chinoy
    3. Fernando Alonso - Gerald Chinoy
    4. Felipe Massa - Gerald Chinoy
    5. Jenson Button - Gerald Chinoy
    6. Sergio Perez - supla007
    7. Kimi Raikkonen - supla007
    8. Romain Grosjean - yoshikanji
    9. Nico Rosberg - Gerald Chinoy
    10. Lewis Hamilton - yoshikanji
    11. Nico Hulkenberg - supla007
    12. Esteban Gutierrez - supla007
    14. Paul di Resta - Gerald Chinoy
    15. Adrian Sutil - Gerald Chinoy
    16. Pastor Maldonado - Gerald Chinoy
    17. Valtteri Bottas - Gerald Chinoy
    18. Daniel Ricciardo - Gerald Chinoy
    19. Jean-Eric Vergne - Gerald Chinoy
    20. Charles Pic - mmpaw37
    21. Giedo van der Garde - Gerald Chinoy
    22. Jules Bianchi - yoshikanji
    23. Max Chilton - Gerald Chinoy
    -Pack helmets(44)
    -Calendar 2013
    -Changed test pilots in the youth test mode
    -New AI
    -New photos of drivers in the menu
    -New cars in menu
    -Changed the photo in the menu
    -New suits and forms the teams
    -Removed the names of all teams with the suit
    -Fixed team names
    -Removed all the inscriptions "2012"
    -New pictures of helmets on the menu for all drivers
    -Updated garages
    -Changed index cars
    -New statistics
    -Kers to Marussia
    -Monisha Kaltenborn - the head of Sauber
    -Removed team HRT
    -English language (AlexandrX1 & v1tek)
    -Russian language (AlexandrX1 & v1tek)
    -German language (pitti59 & a little help v1tek)
    -Spanish language (alexrockmola & a little help v1tek)
    -Polish language (rafal.tarcza & a little help v1tek)

    Authors mod:
    * Assembly mod, Garages, Some suit and forms, Menu, Helmets for pack, Help with all language - v1tek
    * All race cars - LeoDSV
    * Creating files *.pssg, Some suit and helmets - EgorMinin
    * Suit and the cockpit forms(**_body_d.tga) - yoshikanji
    * Create helmets for pack and helmets for drivers 2013 - Gerald Chinoy, yoshikanji, TheDragon, NICKRAY, supla007, mmpaw37
    * Suit and forms for Lotus and Mercedes - supla007, ML2166
    * Database and English, Russian language - AlexandrX1
    * Real AI - Demy van Zoggel
    * We used some of the materials with Safety Car Fix - remydeleeuw
    * Mini cars for Constructors Championship - camopi

    Mod 2012 for F1 2011 game: http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/threads/f1-2012-season-mod-v1-0.49628/
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  2. link for download?????
  3. ...
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  4. in march 2013 you don't understand
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  5. lolllllll link please....... people never thinl before post... how the 2013 mod should be release if no 2013 car is revealed
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  6. comming in march 2013... No? v1tek?
  7. Release: March 2013
    Added: "Progress: WIP(2%)"
  8. lol you are a Publisher of the game, advertising a year in advance :roflmao:
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  9. It's five months till then. Best time to start advertising.
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  10. Last year, our mod was the best. I just wanted that you be informed the work. Soon, almost every day we will write about what did and show screenshots. If you're not interested, we can delete the topic and do not spread the mod website.
    Sorry for my English.
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  11. Keep up your work, mate. Never, never let your motivation be devastated by the lack of interest some seem to feel.

    They don't speak for RD. And even though I don't even own F1 2012, I'll be following this just to enjoy the good work you'll surely be doing.
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  12. Best of luck buddy. :thumbsup:
    Will be waiting for it.
  13. Good to know people is already thinking on 2013 season!
  14. Really looking forward to this!

    Please keep up the hard work, a 2013 mod would be very much appreciated.
  15. This is absolutely sick, looking forward to this!
  16. Need a photo helmet Valsecchi right!
  17. No! Need this:[​IMG]
  18. I think it's the one he holds in his hands; but Valsecchi changes his style pretty often, so - sorry.
  19. your 2012 mod was realy pefect. I am very happy that you relesed a 2013 mod because when it it 2013 i don`t want wait to september
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