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Skins F1 2013 RED BULL (Fantasy) 2014-08-09

My fantasy Red Bull with changed & moved sponsors

  1. Richárd Gonda submitted a new resource:

    f1 2013 Fictional RED BULL - Changed a few sponsors and placed them in different places

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  2. The Reanult word on the front is a little too big
  3. working on it
  4. done at the updates
  5. done at the updates
  6. .
  7. Still a little, too big, you should make it have the same size with the Red Bull word
  8. so can you review this mod? in stars
  9. don't know :D
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  10. then just give 5 star :D :D :roflmao::roflmao::roflmao:
  11. What, no.... :D
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  12. You get bad ratings doesn't mean no one like it, because they gave you bad ratings so you can have a lesson and then you can do better in the next mod
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  13. Well, it works like this, if nobody likes the mod, then nobody will download it so nobody will be sad if you stop making skins... And tbh this is really not good... I believe it could be alot better if you take your time. On most bad reviews you reply "But for me its... blablabla". So why do you put it on internet for download? I really wont rate any mod high just because its author think its great :D You should keep your first attempts unshared, sharing bad mods is really risky. And no, i wont waste my time by repairing your skin, just because i told you what i think. I think alot easier and better for you would be recoloring (but a nice and precise recoloring, not a green TOTAL logo on RB9 that totally doesnt fit to the car), some recolors are looking good :) Yes iam critical i know it, but iam critical the same way to myself :)
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