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F1 2013 League ?

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by Josh Saban, Feb 20, 2015.

  1. Personally I find the F1 2014 game pretty terrible:laugh::laugh:. So I have gone back to the 2013 game. And I'm really enjoying it again. This morning I was wanting to go online and have some fun online but there is no-one to play with :(. This could be due to me looking for games at 11am whilst half term:p.
    BUT would anyone be interested going back in time to 2013 and starting up a league ?.
    If you are message me on Skype or Steam
    Skype: SuicidalGlove98
    Steam:Suicidal Glove
    I don't know what I am going to decide regarding times and tracks, It'll depend on amount of people and where the majority is from.
    P.S I'll need a co-owner ;)
  2. I used to play PS3 F1 2013 and I would like to join you :)
  3. Hey guys,
    Sorry to drag up an old thread, but just wondered if you guys are still doing the F1 2013 Leagues? I play on PS3, PSN - Nutz_Q

    Cheers! :)
  4. I'm looking for some guys still playing PS3 F1 2013 !
    Add me : SBOODIFOU73
    I'm tired of racing AI...
  5. Hey guys I still play f1 2013 it would be awesome to race guys that ain't mad i wish we could get enough people to create a league and have some good competitive racing let me know.

    Add me on PlayStation 3: lmas93
  6. So cool ! I add you tonight. Where do you come from ? I'm from France (asking for race time).
    What level are you ? Do you play legend ? Expert ? other ? Wich setup, aids, etc ?
  7. Hey I added you and also I play on expert and have my own setup for every race and I only have abs traction control and that's it looks like we can have some good races. Im from England
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  8. There is still quite a few custom GPS on that game every night that I race in which is cool
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  9. All I want is good racing so I would be Nice !
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  10. Yeah same here that game is really good if you have some good racers
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