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F1 2013 drivers menu art and names_french lng

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by Excalibur58, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. [​IMG] *** F1 drivers 2013 (french language) ***
    Date: 03/03/2013
    Author: Excalibur Description: F1 drivers 2013 menu art + drivers names for F1 2012.
    Archive content: b_nonpersistent.pssg
    f1 drivers tab_database.pdf tutorial
    language_fre.lng ==================================================================
    Tools used: Photoshop CS3, Ryder's tools (RDE, RLE) ==================================================================
    Installation: (Always backup your original files before these following steps)

    Step1: Replace the b_nonpersistent.pssg file into the F1 2012/ frontend folder (for all)

    Step 2: Replace the language_fre.lng file into the F1 2012/ language folder (for french only)

    Note: Sorry for the english language file but I made a video tutorial to explain how to edit the drivers names with Ryder Language Editor: http://petar.outer-heaven.net/downloads/

    Step 3: use Ryder Database editor to open the database file (F1 2012/ database folder). Click on the f1 drivers tab to edit the values as mentioned into the f1 drivers tab_database.pdf file. Once done, save and it is done (for all) ==================================================================
    Authorization: You have got the permission to use these files into mods as long as the original author is mentioned.None authorization is required.

    F1 2013 drivers menu art and names_french lng
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  2. Sorry for the language_fre.lng only but I made a video tutorial in english for those who want to update the drivers names into the language_eng.lng file:

    F1 drivers names tutorial.avi
    Descryption key: czbwlhcQcx1RWQIEB_GohETy_s1b8daDFYpl20IAESg (copy and paste)
  3. Is possible file Language only for Italiano ?
  4. Sure but you have to edit your language_ita.lng yourself. You can use my video tutorial for this.... You have to modify the values of the db_drivers names, db_drivers firstnames and lng_champ_descript and to midify your database file (step 3).

    note: If you guys can send me an original language_eng.lng file, I would be thankfull. I could modify it and insert it into the archive so that the majority can use these files without modifying it themselves.
  5. mydriaz


    Merci beaucoup, c'est cool :thumbsup:.
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  6. You are welcome ;)
  7. plz, link in mediafire, sorry my english bad
  8. Thanks but this needs a decryption key?....
  9. Oops! Sorry, first time I use Mega. Descryption key added into the second post ;)
  10. Génial, grand Merci à toi Excalibur58 !
  11. super boulot merci!
  12. Is possible file 2013 Italian Language ?
  13. il filmato non va
  14. MERCI, moi qui cherchait un bon MOD pour sa car chez moi il y avait Hamilton allemand et plein d'autres erreurs
  15. please speak english... Here (ON RaceDepartment) only english is allowed... Not because Moderator or Admin ar bad persons, but because racedepartment is an International Forum.. So please next time speak english for all communityes :) :thumbsup:
  16. You are welcome ;)
    But yes, better is to write in english here so that everyone can understand. Thank you. :)
  17. i have a problem when i try to see your tutorial. I opened file with VLC (VideoLan) Media Player and when i try to open tutorial the software sayd me this:

    "Impossible to open Video or Audio Format TSC2" .... Someone has a solution for see this tutorial? Thanks in advance :)
  18. You are right. VLC won't open the video, sorry.
    But you can open it with the windows media player or Splayer (a very good video player which can read all the formats) : http://www.splayer.org/index.en.html