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F1 2013 car performance

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by HROAndi, Oct 8, 2013.

  1. HROAndi


    Hey everyone,

    I've been doing some testing with different cars. As in real F1 teams like McLaren aren't doing too well and Mercedes seems to have caught up quite a bit, I was wandering how the game handled things.

    To test I used the same setup for each car and went for a short qualifying session in Malaysia. Not sure if this is the best track to test on but it is a track I'm more or less confident on. First thing I noticed, there is little differences in the handling of each car. Whereas in F1 2012 I couldn't use the same setup with each car and I felt that e.g. a Torro Rosso felt really twitchy, a Force India had the acceleration of a tank or the Mercedes was extremely oversteery, there seem to be only slight differences in F1 2013.

    Now I know this is very subjective and it depends on driving style (at least back in F1 2012) but this year all cars feel pretty much the same in terms of car handling. I noticed that Red Bull, Ferrari and McLaren handled best with less oversteer and more tracktion. Marussia tended to suffer from oversteer and didn't turn in as well as others, Force India didn't turn in well and Mercedes suffered from a little more oversteer than others. All cars seem to have the same top speed, at least with my setup and around Malaysia. I managed to just hit the rev limiter on the start finish straight before breaking into T1 with every car. I guess the only real difference between the cars is traction and maybe acceleration. I'm sure both can be compensated with a specific, better setup. One of the best cars for me was Lotus, although

    Here is my ranking:

    #1: Red Bull / Ferrari / Lotus
    #2: McLaren / Mercedes (around 0.5 secs difference to #1)
    #3. Sauber (around 0.9 secs difference to #1)
    #4. Force India (around 1.4 secs difference to #1)
    #5. Williams / Torro Rosso (around 1.5 - 1.8 secs difference to #1)
    #6. Caterham / Marussia (around 2.3 - 2.5 secs difference to #1)

    What is your opinion or your expierence? Can anyone confirm these findings?
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  2. IHazABone


    When I moved from Toro Rosso to Red Bull, my time around Circuit De Catalunya (Spain) improved immediately by six seconds.
  3. HROAndi


    Wow, that is a lot! :)
  4. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    I think you'll find a bigger difference in the cars in career rather than GP mode.
  5. thebigpanta


    depends on the mods you have installed. in career mode the effective performance of the car sometimes cann't make a difference.
  6. Richárd Gonda

    Richárd Gonda

    your profile picture is scary! Is it you if its you I'll ignore you.
  7. Nick Milton

    Nick Milton
    Nick Premium

    I'm curious here, I'm in amature, driving force india, full career season, in season two, done no R&D, am baffled when the A1 are so much faster than me, do they get faster in legend?
    Some are 8-10 seconds faster, yet when I watch on YouTube, I'm in same gear at same speeds arround circ?

    Ten seconds is a mountain!, would I be better off playing in legend?
  8. Jonathan Rowland

    Jonathan Rowland

    The AI are quicker in legend mode than amateur. Are you using any assists?