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F1 2012 PC ver FPS and other issues...

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by KeyserSoze, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. I've been playing the F1 series since the 2010 version, although I have been playing on console (xbox 360). I recently upgraded my PC system and began iRacing and rFactor. I thought it would be a good idea to purchase the PC version of F1 2012 as I am moving away from console play and to PC for sim racing. Here is where things get weird.

    Here is my hardware config:

    HP - HPE
    i7 processor
    12GB ram
    2TB HD
    Radeon HD 6770 1GB
    3X Hanns-G 27" 2ms displays
    Fanatec GT2 wheel w/CSP pedals.

    1 The FPS while in game play is so poor that the game in unplayable. Must be down in the 15 - 20 fps. I get none of this in iRacing or rFactor, where my FPS ranges from 50 - 74 FPS.

    2. The steering input is ridiculous. There is zero steering response for the first 45 degrees of wheel movement in either direction from center. This again making the game unplayable. I have tried every setting in the game and nothing effects this. I am using a Fanatec GT2 w/CSP and have reset the wheel to factory defaults.

    3. I purchased the game online and didn't realize that it was being hosted by Steam when I made the purchase. Had I know at the time, I would have opted for a jewel-case version, but it is what it is. The point is, when I first installed the game and launched it, it would run in full screen mode. During game play, I Alt-Tab'd to the main Windows desktop to check settings and now the game will only launch in a window, which screws up the aspect ratio and I can't get it back in full screen mode.

    The PC version of this title is a completely different animal to the xbox version. If I can't get my problems sorted I will just go back to playing it in xbox, but this is quite disappointing.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated...
  2. mydriaz


    Do you have lastest AMD drivers, 12.10 or Beta 12.11 with CAP2 ?
    I've got same hardware config on Windows 7- 64 and all is ok even with X2 HD skins...
  3. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

  4. Yes, I just setup the video card and monitors 2 days ago. I DL'd the latest drivers and control center during the install. I am using Eyefinity to group the monitors for gaming, but I can disable that to have 3 extended desktops in Windows.

    I checked the wheel settings and everything was ok... I also checked the Advanced Wheel options in the game. There is a setting at the bottom of the dialog that says something like, Override Device Settings and this was turned off... I set this option to "Steering Wheel" and the steering began to work as expected... One thing down...

    The Alt-Enter key worked to get me back in to fullscreen mode... Thx...

    The only thing left is the FPS issue... Like I said before I have no problems at all with iRacing or rFactor, so I am a bit baffled... I'll upgrade video cards again if necessary to get a decent FPS, but from my research the ATI Radeon HD 6770 should have done the trick... Anybody have any recommendations?
  5. Is the FPS still so low with Eyefinity off and just one monitor plugged in?
  6. If it was a stock pc, don't forget to change the PSU with something stronger just in case:)
  7. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    I doubt that the power supply is anything to do with it. A poor PSU would cause system instability when loaded up, FPS drops are unlikely I would say.

    I use and HD7950 to run 2 HD displays, but only game on one display. The FPS is really good on all games. However, I dread to think how it would cope with 3 HD displays, running a graphically intensive game, with triple the horizontal resolution of Eyefinity of what I am running now. It may be OK, I don't know, but I doubt it.

    So normal things come to mind to boost fps. Shadows are usually a big frame rate killer in games, anti-aliasing is another one. I find that Anisotropic Filtering does not make much difference at all. Post rendering effects might be better when reduced, and perhaps drawing distance can be reduced too without much loss of visual effect.

    That's about it really ..... :)
  8. Ok, to close this issues list, I found a solution to the FPS issues I was having... In the PC version of the game there is a separate menu option for Graphics under the myF1 main menu option. I never saw it before as I have only used the xbox version... I changed the Multisampling option from 8X MSAA to 4X MSSA and all my video problems went away...

    Thanks for your help guys...
  9. Welcome to the RIGHT side of gaming ;) Enjoy all of its benefits.

    Btw - 8X MSAA shouldn't be a problem for your card on ONE monitor. MSAA-ing all those pixels, when you set a resolution for THREE displays, apparently is just too much.
    Still, even though the game runs fine with 4X, I'd monitor the GPU temperature just to be safe.