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F1 2012 - An American Review

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Diego Lopez, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. As an American Formula 1 fan, I decided to give my own personal quick review of the game. This only contains what I have seen on my Steam copy so far.

    To begin with, I apologize for the hardcore european fans out there, but is clearly not my fault we get it first, I really don't know how the process works but I'm happy myself.

    This review is just my own personal opinion and it may quiet vary from yours, but again is just a preview of what you can expect, even if you played the demo. So here is a quick video from game start to game exit, you will notice several stuff, I will point out some of the pros and cons (in my view of course) and the do a quick personal f.a.q., later on you may reply and ask, as wel as many others can add on before it gets released in your area or before you decide to buy it.

    Here is the video, its quiet long 13 mins, but I think its exciting, goes over the basics and I touch the "championship" mode everyone has been exicted about (I guess). Some sutter here and there is due to background video processing while recording and running the game at the same time.

    As you can see from the video, Its beeen a great improvement from the previous games, especially that one 11-11 glitch that we all loved and secretly used it in Races even though there was a limit on how much suspension stiffness you could have. If I happen to miiss out on something, just reply and I or someone else who has played the game already might answered better than I can.

    Now I might be a fan, but I'm no car engineer here, so if I make some sort of silly remark or mistake just point it out and call me "noob" if you have to.

    The following is my PC specs, as it actually matters:

    CPU: Intel 3820 4.75Ghz
    GPUs: 2 Nvidia 570 SLI
    Mobo: Asus Rampage 4
    Sound: X-Fi fatality HD
    HDD: 2 TB + 1 120GB SSD
    *running latest Nvidia BETA drivers*
    ...okay enough showing off.
    and for the sake of arguement, I had to use a controller, since I didn't want to unplug my G27 from my console downstairs, even though im very skillful with the controller (its custom, super tight sticks and triggers makes it god like and easy with no assists and yet I have conquered most peoples TTs in WET on 2011, check me if you must)

    -No Games for Windows Live (GFWL) *never had an issues with it but its ok*.
    -Smooth game performance over then 2 previous titles.
    -A much better menu system
    -The addition of Racenet **see quick f.a.q.s
    -Start your career with the top 3 teams (Ferrari, RB, McLaren)
    -THe low 6 teams :(
    -Steam Cloud Support
    -Steam Leaderboard Support
    -Steam itself
    -All wheel/pedals systems support and tweakable
    -2011 Track car set ups work fine on 2012 **see faqs
    -Remember the lack of crowds in 2011, NOW every stand is FULL :D

    -No 120hz refresh support (for those who happen to have one of them monitors)
    - I guess Nvidia Users are having this issue with the beta drivers.
    -The loading system in between can sometimes slightly lag.
    -Some screen tear/stutter while browsing the Menu
    -No Surround sound native support **see faqs
    -Rain visuals on track are quiet dull **see faqs
    -Plenty of oversteer, but you can work your way around it **see faqs
    -No FP2/FP3 **see faqs
    -33 helmets to choose from....they are all crappy (waiting for mods)

    My own F.A.Q.s (as many as I can think of for now)

    What is Racenet?
    Well im not quiet familiar with its true purpose, but in short language, it's just like a facebook, where you can keep track of your stats not only for F1 2012, but F1 Online The game. I have sign up for it back in the F1 Online Close Beta, but now with 2012 is not that bad. I have done a "weekly" challenge already which you can earn XP towards your link steam/xbox/psn profile.

    Can I use my 2011 car set ups on 2012?
    Personally, I have used them yes. There is however a catch, there always is. I have found out from earlier posts that people are experiencing a terrible amount of oversteer. Now this can be breaked down to your personal driving style (oversteer or understeer). I'm an oversteer driver, but with the Double oversteer 2012 offers all I had to do was reduce the amount of front and rear wing, until I felt confortable with, easy sleazy.

    **So far in my experience there is quiet a lot of understeer with the Lotus, I have driven a Mclaren with the same car set up and it has more bite (using G27)**

    What happen to the surround sound support (e.g. Blue Ripple Sound)?
    Honestly, I don't know. I knew I had no surround because no sound came from my rear speakers. Now you can have converted surround if your soundcard supports DTS: NeoPC 6, which converts any stereo source into a multi channel sound (5.1 max)

    Is the game DX11?
    My best guess, yes, I have all the settings maxed out, so im taking it as a yes.

    How is the wet?
    Well I just started the Racenet challenge before the recording, and surprisingly it looked quiet dull and or pale (for lack of word) compared to 2011.
    Remember the lights, the track reflection during wet races, and the nice water drops and reflections off the car, it seems to have gone away, I had to double check my graphic settings, but they were high up, I dont know if this was to reduce any FPS lag on consoles, but man did it look quiet dead, I hope some of our modders can look into it once they have played it. By the way the track was Singapore.
    The Wet handling however is much "easier" than 2011, reminds me a lot of 2010, where I could fly and lap cars, thinking myself i was Sennas re-incarnated (no assists of course)

    No FP2/FP1?
    Well as far as I know that's the word around, couldn't tell you since I just been doing hotlaps and championship mode.

    So far I love it, personally. Codemasters did major improvements. Now is the game perfect, no. Is it a simulator? no, its a game and will not go over the game/sim war. I like it so far, you got to understand, in this kind of games the sequels will always improve upon its predecessor, but always, always leave something behind, or tweak something, or screw something that was previously successful, but it happens to 99% of all game series out there. I tihink its worth every cent here. I have not seen or enoucntered any form of bug or glitch yet ( I hope not) buts its a great game.
    If you would like to add me to Racenet, steam or xbl: my gamertag under my profile picture is it.

    **Just another quickie**

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  2. So would you recommend it?
  3. Yes sir, I would, Sorry for the "delay" just got done typing, youtube being slow here @78% uploaded, just give it a few minutes ok?

    by the way, I don't know if it works for this game or steam, but you can try using a VPN connection and see if you can "unlock" it already. I have done it with some games in the past it worked.
  4. *UPDATE* Vid is up! Enjoy, and feedback would also help!
  5. Looks good. But after 2011 I'm really on the fence.
  6. So, you can start with the top 3 teams in career mode? I thought it was limited to the 6 we heard.
  7. Im a little bit confused in regard to your comments about the oversteer, because nearly everybody said after playing the demo that they had massive understeer and oversteer was mainly absent!? is it that big of a difference in comparison to the demo or is this because you play with a controller ?
  8. Diego i've heard rumours Free Practice 1 & 2 are gone from a 100% long weekend. Is this true?
  9. From what i have experienced in both the demo and release. I have more oversteer than understeer, so i guess is kind of both.

    For fp1/fp2 il check later today its almost 4am an im

    Also as a note: this is my first time firing up 2012 on pc. So the controller was a bit more sensitive than console, by lap 3 I was getting the hang of it, also setting ur rear bias helps with the understeering, as u notice i had to change it and kept it that way so ican get some extra oversteer.
  10. Is this based off the reply a tweet I sent to Stephen Hood asking if F1 2012 has the option to have just 1 practice session and full qualifying?
  11. I can confirm that fp1/fp2 are gone in the long race weekend. Also it seems you can't push the car as hard without blowing the engine as it concers downshifting. I tried driving like I did in 2011 and smoke was blowing out the back then BOOM! So long engine. So I don't know if that's part of the realism or what
  12. No this is based on a post a saw earlier on today in the forums here.
  13. Well my style of downshiftinnhas always been as you see it on tv. I have seen ppl drive downshifting like mad to exploit corner speeds and etc, so hopefully this would give everyone a fair chance during online races. Close to realism, idk, is not a sim so i guess more or less yeah.
  14. I'm not an ace driver by any means and I didn't exploit the corners or anything. But it seems to me I can't push as hard as I did last year when it comes to shifting. I'm not over revving or anything.
  15. I havent gotten any engine issues so far. Idk what to tell you there.
  16. from what I have heard there isn't any Tyre deg apart from in 50 & 100% races, is that true?
  17. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    I haven't watched the video yet, but reading the text, under CONS you state no 120hz monitor support, I doubt that to be true, because 120hz monitors ARE supported in the demo. I use it myself .....

    I suspect it's an NVidia driver thing on your system, that does not affect ATI/AMD

    EDIT: Just one other minor thing, there is no need to 'best guess' that the game is dx11, it is dx11 only :)

    Cheers ...

  18. dx10 will be suported too. ;)
    Its what i know...and waiting to see is it true...
  19. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    Officially it has been announced as a dx11 game, with dx11 stated as the minimum spec.

    However if you look in the hardwaresettings.xml file, there is an option to force dx10, which leads you to suspect that dx10 will be ok ..... :)
  20. Well, i think i need somebody with dx10 to try and to tell it works, to be honest dont wanna buy it and then to stick it in ... :x3:

    I will have too many probs to go on win7, but if i also need a new video card... NO, thanks.