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F1 2011 The Game - Community Update (4)

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Scott Webber, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. So first up we have news on the anticipated F1 2011 Patch #2 it's rumoured that it will be released on Monday 21st November, now that is has been approved by Sony and Microsoft!

    This is welcome news to alot of the community who has been holding out playing online due to the infamous 11/11 Setup Bugs, anyway check out the full Thread!.


    PC are going to Silverstone on the 21st then the Nurburgring on the 22nd

    Sadly the PS3 have no races scheduled this week.

    Xbox 360 Guys are burning rubber at Sepang on the 24th

    RDDev have been busy over the past 2 weeks, check out the awesome mods they have released, here's a few of them ,Red Bull HD Wheel ,Lotus HD Wheel .

    Community Videos
    Andrew Bortz has a thread with compilations of Crashes and Failures

    Lotus is getting it on with Red Bull at the start of the race (a sense of humour is needed to view this video)

    Not enough for you?
    Go much deeper into the game by visiting our F1 2011 The Game forums for the best online casual club and high quality league races, support, setups, mods and of course awesome videos created by a large and friendly community.

    Did we miss anything? Feel free to post your community recommendations in the comments below. See you next week!

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  2. fingers crossed....
  3. Handling (and the textures) is just rubbish in F1 2011, so i prefer to play F1 RFT in my modded rFactor. Much more fun and realism.
  4. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Rotax try to be a bit more creative. You start to sound like a parrot that says the same thing over and over again, no offense.
  5. ^exactly. It isnt meant to be a sim, but more of an arcade game where the best set up usually ends up being the winner :)
  6. G:Dood news indeed , I hope CM won't let us down this time.
  7. Rotax, you can't compare rFactor and F1 2011. They are completely different games and aim to achieve different goals.

    rFactor is a game which is based about good physics, online and mods.
    F1 2011 is about the career and graphics.

    Just because you like rFactor, dosen't mean you have to hate every other game. I like rFactor but I also like games such as F1 2011 and GT5. Don't be so single minded.
  8. And mainly it's a game made for fun so don't complaint just play for fun :)
  9. @ Vinctor: rFactor is also made for fun, i have much more fun with it than with F1 2011. So its not an argument. And F1 2011 is also about multiplayer and there are some good mods available. EVERY game is made to have fun (also the simulation-games). And a modded rFactor looks not really worser than F1 2011. Try out a good ENB setting and F1 RFT 2011 and you will see what i mean. The cars in RFT 2K1 are much more detailed. I was also a huge fan of F1 2010... but then i played rFactor the first time :) I just try to show the people that there are other good games besides the (hyped) mainstream games :)
  10. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    I tried Rfactor but it was rubbish in my Xbox. Maybe I need a mod?
  11. Is that screenshot from 2011? The Mclaren intakes dont look like that this year anymore, theyre much uglier now =P
  12. I thought that then I saw the tyres say Bridgestone and were the old Wet tyres of last year :)
  13. I think this is a screenshot used by Codemasters to announce F1 2010, but with 2009 cars (when the game was just in developpement). In final version, they inclued 2010 cars.
  14. @ David: Xbox?! rFactor is for PC. Everybody should play games on PC because its always superior. Better graphics, better image-quality, tons of good mods etc.
  15. Yes well spotted guys, it is the announcement screenshot for F1 2010, why did i put it in here? because it looks epic and to be honest it does look like F1 2011 on a great day, if only the mclaren skin was actually shiny in F1 2011 :(
  16. Rotax - Just because you like one game, dosen't mean you have to hate every other game.rFactor is one of the most mainstream games discussed and used at RD. You don't see livestreams of F1 2011 League Races on the homepage for a whole day do you ? Can you just shut up and stop moaning about every other game when there is an article about it.
  17. Well Bradley I think Rotax said a little more than "Rfactor is the best game". He tries to tell the gaming community it would be way better for us gamers when we would use the pc for gaming. Our gaming-time would become so much more satisfying. With pc as leading platform we would have evolved to something way more sophisticated than our current tech level. COD MW3 being launced wiht the same engin as the 2 yr old mw2 game. It has just ridiculous outdated and poor image quality while it's one of the biggest francises in the industry. That is the evidence of how crippled and negative xbox and ps3 gaming are for current games.