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F1 2011 - Some questions before I purchase

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Merkieman, Sep 26, 2011.

  1. On PC will a ps3 controller be compatible with it?
    I'm intrigued to play this game due to codemasters saying they polished off some stuff along with the new advanced technology features they implemented into this game. The ratings look good to me to (From you guys). Also the graphics definately look nice, weather improvements, pirelli tyres, just improved altogether, and I also like the idea of feeling the mass of the car whenever you are steering :tongue:

    But having just the ps3 controller working isn't good enough, if they do then they should definately have an option for analog deadzone so I can configure to my own liking.

    Have they added in the "marbles" effect when the tyres wear out so you can see it on the track?

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  3. I don't believe a PS3 controller will the compatible but then again I've never tried or cared. They have added in marbles but you don't really notice them until 15-20 laps into a race depending on the track you're on.
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  5. The PS3 controller should work but you would need to download a software first (MotionInJoy). That software would make ensure that your PC fully recongnizes the PS3 controller and all its buttons.

    Marbles have been sighted in the game, so yes they are added!
  6. But can anyone CONFIRM that a ps3 controller does indeed work on this game?
    I already have motioninjoy, useful software