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F1 2011 Proving Grounds - Time Attack

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Bradley Vanian, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. What do you think about the Time Attack mode ? Do you think there should be more challenges, bonus challenges, too easy, too hard or do you think it's pointless ?

    In my opinion, it is a great way of improving on certain tracks, with certain cars and even in certain weather conditions. I love time attack modes which include target times which are needed to be beat and they are an addictive way of spending time on F1 2011. I think the diffuculty is just right and test yourself to the absolute limits, especially in the Monaco and Nurburgring Scenario's.

    I am also wondering how well some of you are doing in the Time Attack mode. At the moment, I am ranked 386th in the world (PS3) over all 6 Scenarios with a time of 8:42:982. Which I am very proud of, especially as a D-Pad User :)
  2. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    I loved the TT in F1 2010 to learn the cars and the tracks the best way possible. After having done all the TT's (dry & wet) I started my career which went very well.

    In 2011 its all the same and bored me to death pretty quickly. Lets hope for 2012 CM can surprise us with something new.

    The TT are fun to race against yourself but too many people are getting frustrated with the "no so fair" leaderboard system. A leaderboard is exactly what should not be in the game as it has nothing to do with Formula 1 or living the life. The life of a Formula 1 racer is not hotlapping or doing a co-op but is actually racing a full season in the best possible way.
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  3. for me TA is stupid cause in wet scenarios using abs and tc give huge advantage but the leaderboard is same. if i want to set good time in those 3 wet tracks i have to use assists which i consider lame.
  4. so even tho its lame you still use assists :p

    dont feel bad, i feel super duper awesome when i see my no assists flying times on the TT and 99% above me has some sort of assist on.
  5. I didnt know that. There is no assist indication like in TT? Ah now I see why the league had to change its format!

    Hmm, should I? No! Using assists to get gold is like using steroids :D
  6. You can try it with assists and if you'll have the ability to make best TA time so go ahead,it's not easy as you think, i spent a lot of time and finding milliseconds in each track is so hard, if assists are banned for all you know that no one can use them.

    Future TA TT: No assists and Full damage
  7. Mark Greenall

    Mark Greenall

    I find it easy to meet all targets within a few laps. most of my times are in the top 100 last time i looked, No assist. usually 1 or 2 non assist above me. Drop the assists they make you slower imho.
  8. Yep on dry track it's true but on wet it's not like that. Of course we can check your times but we cannont be sure they're set with all off :) And the difference in Canada with and without assist is like 4 seconds for me. Probably with practice I could make it to 1-2 seconds but still I'm faster with ABS. TC doesn't bother me too much as I tend to have very good throttle control. Oh and it's easy to get gold medals really but to top the tables it's impossible.
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  9. Mark Greenall

    Mark Greenall

    Sorry i mis read, i thought you meant tt times, your possibly right. in general though i feel non assist is faster. tcs bogs you down.
  10. No it isn't, it's a game...
  11. Nice, +1
  12. No assists yes, damage... why?

    You haven't thought that through...
  13. Because in some tracks you can go faster in some corners like "bouncing" the car over the wall!!!!
  14. Really, show me that...
  15. Ok i'll make it later
  16. I didn't say I used assists :) I said if I want to top the table I have to use assists :)
  17. Charlie and Favio Biatore told me otherwise about you Vic ;)
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  18. Oh Charlie Y YOU NO LIKE ME :D
  19. Could invalidate the laps where the player touches a wall, GT5 style. Saves the trouble of restarting because you've knackered your car.
  20. really think some people need to get a grip and act there age. assists no assists and crying about it. have you used a xbox 360 control pad with assists off... not a chance !!!. a wheel/pedal etc is much much easier and us control pad players dont moan about it !!!.