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F1 2011 half price on Steam - US$24.99 Weekend of 11/11/11.

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Crimson Machete, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. If anyone has been holding off for a price drop now is your chance.
  2. I hear there's been a lot of improvements since F1 2010, especially in handling. I always elected to play rFactor mods rather than f1 2010 for my Formula 1 fill, as techniques like trail braking in rFactor are... Well, possible. :p Do you think F1 2011 will cater better to me than 2010?
  3. I will not buy this BUG horrible.
  4. Yes! It still isn't perfect, some minor bugs (I haven't any real big ones). But it is 100x better then 2010.
  5. Cool, I'll definitely consider it then. Thanks.

    By the way, do you have any experience with Dirt 3? As they're both on sale, and they're offering a bigger discount if you buy both.
  6. How much is Dirt 3 alone? I don't have it listed.
  7. Individually, they're both £15 for me (reduced from £30) however they're offering both for £20.39 when bought together.


    Although this may differ based on where you are in the world, as it regularly does.
  8. I think this will be the last time I buy any CM game close to launch date. You pay more, then you play half enjoying half waiting for a patch. Better to wait 3 months, see how the things are and get the game cheap + patched.

    Or maybe I will not buy it anytime. I depends a lot on rfactor2, I guess.
  9. Luckily, I wanted to buy today and it's 50% off - perfect! :cool:
  10. Always good to see you US guys pay 50% of my price here in Germany.
  11. 25$ are 50% of 20€? I must have missed something..
  12. That would be me and I was not expecting to get this price this fast.
    I was thinking I'd have to wait until Spring or Summer of 2012. Downloading my copy now. :cool:
  13. Just finished my first race in the game, and wow it has improved a lot. I thought the handling was somewhat better, until it started raining on lap 40 out of 58 when I started thinking it was far better. The period of thinking "should I switch to inters now? Or in another lap?" really highlighted the improved handling for me, and it's a massive improvement over 2010.
  14. I just bought it. Thank you Crimson Machete!
  15. Glad to help out. Bought a second copy for a friend so we could start a co-op championship.
  16. I was going to try to hold off until 2012 until I saw this sale. Man the handling is much better. We'll have to see about the AI...
  17. I just bought a 2nd copy 2 weeks ago thinking it would be a while before they reduced the price. lets hope its at least certain regions only. God.