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F1 2011 Forever Crashing

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by csh39, Oct 5, 2011.

  1. Really hope someone can help me here since i have purchased F1 2011 im having random crashes or freezing of my pc. The picture stops but i can still hear sound ive tried in windowed mode full screen without no luck like i said it can be very random sometimes i can go a few days and its fine then it starts to raise its ugly head again lol my pc specs are Intel core 2 quad 8300,4gb ram,geforce 8800gt 512mb,800 watt power supply though its a fairly cheap one but the 12v rails have 20/23 amp which should be plenty enough to run the card please take a look at my photo and tell me if anyone else has this problem thanks.


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  2. Update your graphics card driver. If your PC or graphic card is overclocked maybe the system is unstable so you will need to revert it to default settings. Do you have problems in other games? Maybe the problem is underpowered graphics card. Do you have real power PSU or not? It makes big difference. Give us more info...
  3. Hi csh,

    well i can see a problem, from my personal experience anyway and some others.... the 8800GT may be letting you down, a card which can overheat quite easily, also what graphic settings do you have ingame?

    the graphics card memory is a big worry, it's to slow in my opinion to run a game like this, i had one exactly the same and i was getting black blobs everywhere in most games after a while of the PC playing on them.

    1: Check your PC Temperature make sure it's under 65 Celcius
    2: Check you have the latest Graphic Card Drivers
    3: If none of the above isn't the issue, lower your ingame graphics settings if you can.
    4: if you cannot do that, re-install the game (every possible option is a possibility to be the cause )

    let me know how it goes, i'll try assist you the best i can.
  4. Sounds like the GPU is overheating, download a monitoring program like HWMonitor to watch your temps while playing, and see if that might be the cause.
  5. Thanks for the replys my card does this on low settings as well the temp is about 76 when running the game i also have a radeon 5670 and i had the same problems with that card so im now guessing it could be my power supply its a storm 800w if anyone has heard of it funny thing is on any other game its fine which is why im puzzled?
  6. Did you check the event viewer? Maybe that can tell you of any error or crashes that might have happened.